7 Tips On How To Be A Master Of Ceremony (MC / Emcee)

With the rising frequency of events occurring in Sabah, the demand for emcees is higher than ever making it a perfect time to start a business as a freelance master of ceremony! However, being a professional master of ceremony requires skills, practice and downright professionalism. But not to worry because here are my 7 basic tips on how to be an MC!

1. Research & Study

In terms of education, the scope of being an emcee is covered under mass communication and public speaking. You can conduct your research and study through these methods;

  • Befriend with other emcees. It's true that knowledge doesn't come for free but it doesn't mean you can't ask for help from them.
  • Get feedback from other people. Although they might not have any experience as an emcee, they still have that common sense and own point of view which can be very useful.
  • The internet has it all. Find everything you can about being an emcee from the internet just like what you're reading right now!
  • Join training, seminars, classes and workshops that can help you get that extra insight about being an emcee.

2. Be Prepared

It doesn't matter how good you are, always be prepared!

  • Have a plan - know what you're supposed to do and expect the unexpected.
  • Know your audience and the event.
  • Prepare your script, cue cards, talk sheet, program, etc.
  • Come early before the event for rehearsals.
  • Practice pre-event vocal and facial warm-ups.
  • Never ever skip the soundcheck!

3. Dress Accordingly


Your looks will be the first impression to not only the audience, but to your prospects and clients as well. No matter what people tell you, in this industry, first impression matters. Dress well, appropriately and suitable with the event as well as surroundings of the venue of the event you go to. Identify whether there are any colour requirement, culture and clothing etiquette involved as well as whether the event you're going to is a formal/official or just a laid back casual event. Make sure you learn about professional grooming as well!

4. Be Meticulous About Scripting

Be very careful when jotting down your script. Plan what you are going to say, especially when you have just started off as an emcee. Make sure you have an introduction, body and closure in your announcements.

5. Have Fun

Be passionate and just have fun with what you're doing. When you're having fun, not only are you relaxed, but you will also be more confident and showing an enthusiastic vibe that allows people to have fun listening to you too! Just try not to have too much fun. Remember to stay focused.

6. Be Confident

Confidence is a very powerful tool. It can change your performance level, make you smile as well as acquire trust and assurance from your audience. If you're not born with that confident attitude, don't worry! You can learn how to be confident.

7. Build Your Reputation

Emcee Jason - Master of Ceremony Profile / Portfolio  Emcee Jason - Master of Ceremony Profile / Portfolio

If you're planning to continue further as a freelance emcee, collect evidence of your performance and craft your portfolio for your clients and prospects to review. This can help you get more opportunities in the industry. It's somewhat similar to a resume. If you can set up a camera for videos and pictures, go for it!

Hope this article helps you on your endeavors. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook!


Mwaluka Bwalya

Very useful article.Thank you

Lydia Obidinma

Thank you so much for enlightenment.

Taylor Bishop

Thanks for explaining how someone could be come a master of ceremony. I didn’t know that you should be very meticulous and plan what you are going to say. Maybe it could be good to learn more about the event you’re speaking at in case it could affect what you say. http://www.inspiredkeynotes.com/master-of-ceremony

Aiman Radzie

This article is very useful for beginner just like me…hopefully that you will publish more article that are very useful for those who want to be an emcee. Thanks!!!!

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