8 Acts of Kindness for a Prosperous New Year

(source: laurenconrad.com)

What if you went beyond bounds of your own care, to make someone else happy? Has it ever occurred to you, with your soft voice and compassionate hands, that you can make a change? As it is easy said, it is even easier done.

1. Give way to pedestrians.

So the clock is reaching 5pm, cars are racing home. And there’s you, driving towards the busy roundabout in Damai Point - and then at the corner of your eye, you see an old uncle trying to find a way to cross the busy street. You are about to drive past him, what do you do?

You stop and give way.

Taken by surprise, the old uncle strikes a wide grin and gestures a thumbs up in your direction! You see, sometimes it’s the little things that make people happy, that can make you happy as well.


2. Donate clothes to the needy

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As treasurable and sentimental it is to keep the clothes that used to grow you out, something even more valuable is charity. Donate the things you don’t need- clothes, books, or stationery. Just make sure you donate usable items, not like damaged or torn ones, that’s for your mother to keep at home as kain buruk!

3. Give tips to the waiter

We all know how tiring work is, but thank God for lunch breaks! Tip your waiter as a “You’re doing a great job” gesture, and you might just rid off their negative thoughts at work, and make their day.

 4. Treat others with respect 

Give generous smiles to anyone you come across - Not in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable.  A good day starts by putting a smile on your face. You can brighten anyone’s day just as this cute smiling alpaca can brighten yours.

(source: boredpanda.com)

5. Pay for someone’s lunch

You don’t need to owe anything to someone to pay for their lunch. This slight surprise of kindness can definitely relieve their financial worries, and make them happy. Who doesn’t love food? Especially when it’s free ;)

6. Lend a helping hand 

Love starts at home. Help out with some house chores, cook for your family, do some gardening or just anything to lighten your mom’s burden. Give her the break she needs, she’ll definitely be touched knowing you’re the best child she ever had.

7. Pay someone a visit.

Let someone know you’re thinking of them, not just through text or a call. Sometimes it’s worth the extra mile to show someone you care by popping up at their house - Not in a creepy way.

8. Forgive others

Why move into the new year with a heavy burden? Build back the bridges you’ve burnt for a more peaceful relationship with others, and yourself.

It’s never too late to start a resolution, so practice kindness as long as your heart wills it. May you brighten the days of others as though their care is as valuable as your own.

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