Be extra careful with what you eat! You don’t want to have extra proteins like worms in your meal.

You may have heard about the viral news in from twitter, one of the famous asam pedas restaurants in Melaka had been closed down because there were worms from the trash in their asam pedas. Honestly, just looking at the picture gross me out. This is not just a random shop okay, this is actually a well-known asam pedas shop.

But don’t worry, at least now this shop had been closed down and hopefully if the shop does reopen, they will be stricter with their cleanliness. Although I doubt it’s easy to gain the trust of their customers back after seeing the picture.. I mean, it’s not just a worm.. It’s a bunch of worms.. in your asam pedas...  

Going with the worm theme, did u catch the news regarding a few canned sardine has been pulled out from Malaysia market because it contains worms? When I first heard the news, I actually thought it was a joke and didn’t believe it but then, a few hours later a few news portals actually released the news saying that the Health Ministry actually confirmed it and there is more canned sardine brand that is joining the club..

Yikes, I am thankful that I haven’t touched canned sardine for quite some time now. I hope anyone that has canned sardine in their drawers, check the articles and make sure you have the “clean” canned sardine. A few brands that had been pulled out from Malaysia’s market is TLC, TL Tan Lung, Cinta, Seafresh, HS Brand, King Cup, Bintang and TC Boy.

Honestly, we should just stay off canned food for good now. This is not the first time we heard about worms in canned sardine, I doubt it will the last as well. Besides, canned food is not the healthiest meal out there nor it is the cheapest. From now on, think wisely and think 3 times before purchasing and eating a canned sardine. You should also look really closely before eating a canned sardine, just to make sure there are no dead worms swimming in your sardine.

If you want to file any complaints regarding the cleanliness of your food, head to to file an official complaint. You can also contact the State Health Ministry or reach out to them by using Facebook, Bahagian Keselamatan dan Kualiti Makanan. Just hit them up with a message and they will do their best to make sure our food is in great condition!

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