CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer is Finally Out!

You’re not an official Marvel fan if you haven’t watched the latest trailer of Captain Marvel that was released just last week! Well, if you haven’t, fret not my friend. We have you covered!



Captain Marvel was all the talk right after cinema’s favorite blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity Wars strike theaters all around the globe. Since then, the Marvel universe became such a trending topic that they pretty much ruled the internet with memes, goofy interviews and all sorts of movie theories. Many of which, have mentioned the possible appearance of Captain Marvel hinted in the after-credits scene of Infinity Wars.


While Infinity Wars was all the talk pretty much for a whole month (let’s be real though, it was the biggest crossover of the century), some die hard fans and movie geeks went with the fandom wave and made behind-the-scene pictures of the Captain Marvel film go viral.


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To pretty much everyone’s surprise, Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel! She has played roles in numerous drama films and who would ever guess she’d rise to the Marvel cinematic universe and take the role of Captain Marvel herself, who might just be the most iconic superhero of our time!


Coming to cinemas on March 8th 2019, Marvel isn’t stopping us there. Just two months after Captain Marvel is the groundbreaking “Untitled” Avengers finale expected to release on May 3rd 2019! Oh and it doesn’t stop there, the universe gives us more with the next Spiderman: Far From Home movie releasing July 5th 2019 and a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie!!


We really hate that we have to wait another whole year for the movie to release! Just make sure to keep your eyes open for more Marvel revelations that could just make the anticipation for Captain Marvel more intense!

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