Crazy Hilux Guy at Rawang Bazaar Caught!

Shah Alam, RAWANG: On 22/5/20, a video surfaced the internet showing a guy doing dangerous bouts in his Hilux at Rawang Bazaar causing havoc & panic to the people around that area. If you have no clue or haven't watched the viral video, see video below.

People were literally fearful for their lives when this crazy act happened. It was said that a number of people were injured during the incident. Thankfully, the suspect has been caught and is currently being detained by PDRM for more questioning.

It is unknown as to why he did what he did, but some people that was at the scene are saying that, he acted the way he did out of frustration from being stuck at the jam. Apparently he got agitated, got angered by people at the surroundings so he drove the way he did. However, many people also said that he drove the way he did because he was intoxicated.

According to the investigation, four of the five pedestrians injured were men and a woman between the ages of 40 and 50. They have undergone treatment and are currently in stable condition.

For more information on this story, see the full post below that was shared on Facebook by this account.

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