Discover student privileges with the magic of your Student ID card!

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For some reason, being a college or university student isn’t all about getting good grades, it’s about survival too. Especially when you’re far from home, keeping a tight budget on your expenditure for everyday luxuries is something your wallet just can't handle. And by luxuries, I mean, the bare minimum of a decent meal that isn’t Maggi.


Well, truth is, most people are aware of the struggles of university life and there has been some effort made to lessen the burden. After all, most students don’t take on part-time jobs because of conflicting class schedules and not to mention the time and energy consuming assignments…


Look no further! Here’s our list of student discounts that could ease your burden with the simple magic of your student ID card.


  1. RapidKL (Bus, MRT, BRT, LRT, Monorail)

If you are a student at KL, you are entitled to enjoy these transportation benefits! Whether you’re going on just a 2-minute bus ride or traveling as far as to other states in the Peninsular, you can get a fare discount of 50%! All you need to do is register and meet the requirements. Click here to find out more.



  1. Kenny Rogers

Stop right there and drop that Maggi! You do know you shouldn’t take too many instant noodles, right? So why not have a delicious meal at Kenny Rogers? Yum!

As a student, you’re entitled to enjoy a 25% off your total bill from 2pm through 6pm on WEEKDAYS only. (Does not apply on public holidays or ROASTERS Catering or Delivery)


  1. Breakout

Ever experienced reality escape gaming? Breakout has various theme rooms with real-time role-playing strategies for groups of 2 to 8 people. You’re going to need a break from all that work or even to celebrate your college successes. Let’s not forget, fun is a necessity too.

Students get a flat rate of RM30 per pax on weekdays from 10.00am to 4.30pm just by presenting your student ID card. P/S students below 17 years old are required to present their IC for verification.


  1. TGV Cinemas

Why not spend some time at the movies once in a while? You’re going to need a breather from the weekly struggles of student life. Enjoy RM10 for a ticket on weekends before 6pm! This student discount is valid for standard seats only.


  1. MBO Cinemas

MBO Cinemas’ student discount also applies for movie showtimes before 6PM with a price of RM9 for a ticket! Keep in mind that this is applicable for over-the-counter tickets only, and not on public holidays.


  1. GSC Cinemas

You can pretty much enjoy student privileges in most cinemas! At GSC Cinemas, their ticket prices range from RM7.50 to RM11 depending on the location, for all showtimes before 6PM (not applicable on weekends and public holidays) just by showing your valid student ID!


The wonders of your student ID should never be underestimated anymore. Look out for more privileges you can enjoy!

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