Elianto Makeup Open Their First Store in Sabah

Girls, here's a good news for you! Elianto Makeup is now open in Imago! Now you can easily buy their products and not wait for delivery if you shop online!

With the opening of this first store in Sabah, Elianto Makeup is having opening special sale to celebrate with all their customers in Sabah. Some of the sales they are having are,

(credit: djesseltonsabah)

These are some of the promotions they are having in-store right now! They open today, 2nd August and let's just say the opening was bombarded with a lot of people! Elianto is located on first floor, if you are looking for them, your best bet is to follow the crowd!


Here are some of the products the Elianto makeup is selling in their Sabah store!

(credit: djesseltonsabah)

Can you the bright yellow products on Elianto shelves? That is the infamous durian makeup! Yes, Elianto was the brand that release the durian makeup. The makeup is not the best but they certainly smell like durian, so if you enjoy smelling like durian you should totally give them a shot. (or you can just buy the makeup and make a video out of it lol!)

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Besides having sales to celebrate their opening, Elianto is also giving away free lipstick on their Facebook page!

All you have to do is register online, fill up the form here and then you will receive a confirmation email. All you have to do is go to the store and claim your lipstick! Do know that free lipsticks are available only while stock last! So hurry, fill up the form and claim it!

Don't forget to give Elianto Makeup in Imago a visit. They are having various sales and also makeup tutorial on 3rd and 4th August from 3pm to 4pm. You wouldn't want to miss out on this!

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