Everything wrong with Red Sparrow: Better luck nest time.

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You can never go wrong with a J-Law film. She has had a long trail of success as a notable actress in films like the Hunger Games trilogy and the bewildering film, Mother!… Up until this one. Red Sparrow’s trailer left many in anticipation only to meet with disappointment. Hence, please note the extensive use of bird puns in this review to lighten up the mood.

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The American spy thriller with a fancy Russian twist was directed by Francis Lawrence (who also directed The Hunger Games, apparently) and it did not put a good actress to good use - Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence who fell quite short as Dominika. The story revolves around one tragedy after another as Dominika leaves her nest to enroll into Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains young people about the birds and the bees and utilizing such skill as weapons - And the story goes down a long spiral that puts the audience in utter confusion. Truth be told, I did not remember what happened at the end of the movie, nor did I manage to understand any of the secret missions and what the whole point of the movie was! That’s how complicated it became.

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It seemed to me like this adult attempt was purposely themed as a “sexy thriller” and nothing more than just that without putting much effort in the story at all. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. There was not much chemistry between the main characters either and I could not piece properly how they are supposed to develop. It seemed like there was nothing beyond just sex and even that seemed kind of hawkward. But for some reason, I just couldn’t trust them and couldn’t help but wonder if there really is a darker intention behind their suspicious romance. I guess there was a hint of suspense and mystery there, but it was nothing exciting.

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The whole spy concept just became so mopey and dull to me that it was annoying to watch so many exchanges of secrets and so many secrets within secrets and secrecy between the character - I just don’t know anymore! It became an excruciating experience to keep figuring things out as “we are supposed to know” as an audience who somewhat observes everyone’s slight smirk that’s always hinting something else.

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I may be too much of a bird-brain to digest this movie with it’s complex and terribly written script but if you do intend to watch this film, just because- prepare for a headache. That is owl.



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