Feeling the World Cup Heat? Did You Know about Dance World Cup 2018?

Did you watch the recent match? Are you enjoying the season so far, with a lot of surprises here and there? Do you know that while World Cup is happening, there is another World Cup as well? Which is the Dance World Cup in Spain and unlike World Cup, we actually have representatives for the Dance World Cup!

One of the team actually won gold in Senior Trio Modern & Hip Hop Category(this is not Malaysia first gold tho! It’s our 4th gold in the competition!), you probably heard of them before. They were really busy performing all around Sabah in May (they were the dancers for the proposal in Suria Sabah!) and then in June they flew to Spain to participate in Dance World Cup. They also had video shooting with TipTopBandit in May before flying off to Spain. Oh I’m actually talking about Kookie Family if you are wondering who is this group. Here’s a video of their performance in Dance World Cup!

Kookies family actually had been in the dance industry for quite some time now. They have quite a number of members that are actively participating in their performances. They are not just great at dancing but they are also very funny. Don’t believe me? Watch this video of them attempting the spicy noodle challenge!

If you are interested to watch more of their videos, you can give their Facebook Page a like and you can stay updated with more videos uploaded by them! From dance videos, BTS videos and various other videos.

One of the video that really caught our eyes is actually this video tho!

Look at them grooving to the music! And not only that, look at that dope shirt they are wearing! Don’t you want to have it for yourself? If you are wondering, it’s from TipTopBandit!

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Going to beijing for a competition, can wear your brands there too?

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