Get to know the only Malaysian contenstant on AsNTM Cycle 6: Rubini Sambanthan!

Asia’s Next Top Model is back for cycle 6! Who else is excited?? Prepare to witness Asian beauty we all know that is so diverse, which just makes a modeling competition way more intense! Back for another round are Thai-American supermodel Cindy Bishop and the scary LA-based photographer, Yu Tsai; ready to test the newborn potential supermodels to next level fierce. Hence, Beyond Limits being the theme of cycle 6.


If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know notable names of Malaysia’s representatives like Sheena Liam who was the winner in cycle 2, Shikin Gomez and Alicia Amin from cycle 5 who are without a doubt reigning stardom in the model world today. This time around we have only one representative, Rubini Sambanthan, who is no unfamiliar face either. You may have seen her in Dior advertisements or in your Explore feed on Instagram, she’s proven to be quite a stellar model. Here are a few facts about her that would just make you root for her even more.


  1. She was crowned Miss Global International in 2014

Well, why would that be a surprise? She’s gorgeous. Some people might think that pageant girls don’t belong in the modeling world because they might be just a pretty face. Rubini is proving otherwise! She’s head to toe editorial already.


  1. She is a graduate of Accounting and Finance

Oooh, beauty with brains! We all love a girl who studies hard and still kick ass modeling clothes, right? I mean, how does she do both at once?


    1. She is 27 years old, making her one of the eldest in the competition

Rubini proves that women are still golden at 26. So what if you’re approaching 30? That doesn’t mean your youth is over. You’d still look Vogue-worthy anyway.


  1. She is a girl of big dreams

Let’s see, she has a lovely personality, definitely talented and beautiful, and to top it off- she’s ambitious. She stepped into the pageant and modeling world as soon as she finished studying. Not only that, she works hard for the money! Her first job was at 15 selling ice cream. What’s not to like about her?


Rubini is definitely top model material and we can’t wait to see her strut her stuff at Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 6! Go ahead and follow all her social media to support her!

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