Healthy Habits for Procrastinators

Being healthy takes too much of your time. Sometimes it’s more worth it to take a drive through McDonald’s because you’re too busy procrastinating and all you need is easy fast food. But you know, all in the while living that busy life, you do envy those who really put their body to work and invest all their time in being healthy.

Truth is, it’s not that hard to start a healthy lifestyle. You can procrastinate even more while you’re at it - What a joy! Here are some easy steps to quit the gym and go straight to that six-pack.


  1. Why take the stairs? Elevators were invented for a reason.



Taking the stairs is one easy way to go by your everyday life and have a strong cardio workout at the same time if walked up and down repeatedly. But why go through so much trouble? Take the elevator. It already takes a few hundred steps to walk out your house, out of your car and when you approach the elevator. And finally, about five steps into the elevator and five steps out. What a workout! And an easy one too.


  1. Forget meals. Snack all day!



When you’re crazy busy, it can feel like there’s no time to enjoy a full meal. It’s easier to grab some chocolate or chips. Although the consumption of all that junk food often ends up building more calories than that boring three to four healthy and nutritious meals per day routine, the trick is to not count the calories. You’re definitely getting there.


  1. Never get organized.


Like taking care of physical health, paying attention to your mental and emotional health should be just as important. People say the trick to reduce stress is to actually get down and dirty with that long list of things to do as it could actually help you pay your bills, cleaning your house… And the simple step is to write it down. But you know you’re too busy for all that, so never put a pen on it and pretend your chores never existed! That’s the spirit!


If you haven’t realized, I’m being dangerously sarcastic.

But it’s even more dangerous if you hadn’t realized that it was all a description of you, the procrastinator. Being a procrastinator isn’t even healthy in the first place, so you’d have to solve that first. And the simple tricks are all mentioned above, minus the sarcasm. Here’s how you should’ve read it:


  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s a simple, everyday task. It may be tiring, but your cardiac wellness will thank you later.



  1. Eat full three meals per day, you know the drill: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and forget the snacks. You’ll need all the nutrients from fresh cooked food that’s without a doubt, sinfully delicious.



  1. Get organized. It’s even easier if you keep an organizer with all the essential tables for you to fill in. It’s about time to sort out your life.


Although these steps won't give you that six pack you ‘want’, what’s more needed for the professional procrastinator is to quit lazy habits. Sometimes what’s worth it won't come easy, and what’s easy isn’t always worth it.

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