How to Eat Less and Lose Weight Without Going to The Gym

You really really want to lose some weight and start dieting but somehow.. you are always too lazy to start exercising and would rather stay in your bed all day long if you are not working? And when you try to diet.. You seems to always eat more instead of eating less.. What to do? If you really want to lose weight like maybe 10kg then you should really start hitting the gym and control your food intake but if you just want to maintain your weight and maybe just lose a kilo or two, here are some tips and trick that you can practice in your lifestyle.


Use smaller plates and bowl


One of the most effective methods to control your eating habit without realizing it is to change your plate’s sizes! We Malaysian are so use to using the big plate and we must fill up our plate until we cannot see any empty space, this is when overeating happens. If you use bowl to eat rice, change your bowl into a smaller bowl, that way you will be eating less.

At the beginning you will realize that you get hungry faster because you are consuming less but once you get used to it, you won’t even realize your plate’s size had changed.


Replace snacks with water


You know when you are bored and your mouth feels so itchy like you want to chew something…then that is when you start munching chips la, some cookies la, sweets la… Here is one way to stop yourself from doing that, get yourself a huge bottle of water and keep it next to you. Every time you feel hungry and looking for snacks, drink some of that water. This way you can finally drink 2 litre of plain water every day and you can also avoid munching snacks!


Eat using chopstick

You must be thinking what kind of advice is this but eating using chopstick will make you eat slower compared to using fork and spoon. (except if you are so use to using chopstick la until you take a huge chunk of rice as if you are using spoon) Eating slower will allow enough time for your stomach to send signal to your brain when you are full instead of you eating a lot in a very fast speed and you end up being too full after that.


Eat more dishes than rice

If you die die cannot not eat rice for the whole day, then try reducing the amount of your rice and eat more dishes, more vegetable dishes ka or more chicken ka. This will reduce your carbs intake and increase your protein and vitamins intake. Just make sure your dishes are not flooded with oil ya!!


Walk more!

The only exercise tips for the lazy people out there… Walk more, you don’t even need to go to the gym. You just need to walk more! You are going up to level 2? Okay, take the stairs instead of the escalator or maybe don’t just stand on the escalator, use it as stairs! You want to go to the convenience stores nearby? Okay, why not just walk instead of driving there? This can helps to increase your heart beats rate and you are unconsciously doing cardio!


Those are some tips for you! I hope this will jump start an interest for you to slowly eating healthier and exercising more!

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