How to Help Create Awareness For Covid-19

With the rise of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia and the government orders to “just stay at home” for 14 days, a big number of people on social media are doing their part to spread awareness and real information regarding Covid-19 to the general public. Some doctors are not only serving in the frontline but they also take the time to post information based on past and currently ongoing research. They also have to fight fake claims such as drinking warm water will help to get rid of Covid-19. (Yes this is false even though a “very reliable” person said so in front of the television which was aired nationwide) Thanks to the evolution of the technology, this false (or not proven) information has reached a big number of audience (along with various false information) and a big number of people actually do believe in this information even though there is also a big number of people who try to create awareness against fake news and information.

Say NO to fake news!

Don’t just ignore your family Whatsapp group! I’m sure a big number of people are doing so or want to do so but don’t! Try to find sources that say the information they are sharing is false or not proven thus can’t be believed instead of letting them be. This will help to reduce the amount of fake news being spread.

These fake news are not helping the situation as some fake news will only create panic while some fake news may be harmful if it is actually practiced (such as drinking so and so soup will help to “cure” you) 

Just stay at home!

Tell your parents, uncle, aunties, friends, husband, wife, son, daughter to NOT GO OUT. Just stay at home! If they still insist saying oh it’s nothing la (trust me I received this answer so many times) then tell them you won’t be helping them if they really want to go to the prison by not abiding by the government’s instructions. 

It is best for you to just stay at home as this will help to reduce the number of people getting infected by Covid-19 as the number has been rising because of the mass gathering that happened in February. 

Face mask

If you really have to go out, bring some face masks with you. It is encouraged to not wear a face mask because of the limited quantity we have right now but bring it as you never know if you need it (or if someone else needs it) If you do not have any face mask, there a no need for you to bulk purchase it now as the hospital and clinics need face masks more than you. Best to just stay at home and avoid any close contact! 

A number of people are also donating various things from money, food, face masks and more towards those in need such as the hospital, clinic and the poor.

Here is what Renji had done in Sabah to create some awareness regarding Covid-19. This was filmed before we were asked to do a partial lockdown in the hope to create some awareness among the Sabahans and to gather some donations for WHO.

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