How to Trick Yourself to Save Money Effectively in 2018

The price of our everyday items are quite expensive now compared to how it were a few years ago. Nowadays, most people will think twice before purchasing something and tend to look for various ways to maximize their saving when purchasing something. Here are some great ways you can save money effectively and see it grow in your pocket!


Save Your RM5 Notes

A couple of weeks ago, it was trending when someone on Twitter revealed that they saved RM XXXX in a year. Supposedly she managed to save that much money because she used a can tube (or piggybank) that cannot be open and keep most of her RM100, RM50 and RM10. Well I personally think this quite hard for us to do but we can slowly grow this habit by start saving RM5 first. I know some people who will save most of their RM5 and when they travel around Malaysia, they will only use their RM5 to pay for everything except for accommodation.


Save some of your salary

If you do not want to save a piggybank because you are scared you will end up using it (or never saving any money inside it), you can option to take around 10% - 30% of your salary and keep it in another bank. Then hide your bank card and only take it out when you need money. (Try to not check your balance because this will tempt you to use it!)


Find the cheapest deal

Before buying something, try to browse around (if possible la, don’t browse around and end up wasting time and money browsing) to check for price differences and advantages if you shop in a certain shop. For example, some shops offer members special such as special price, redeemable points and more. You can try to go to a big shopping mall that has a few options so you can browse around easily.  For example sometimes buying toiletries in Guardian and Watson are cheaper than to buy in Giant or other supermarket. Do not forget to check for online deals as well! Sometimes electrical appliances are much cheaper on LAZADA compared to in physical shops.


Cut off junk food!

Say no to junk food and sweet drinks! You may think ala junk food and drinks do not cost that much la! But try to do so for a month, see how much saving you can achieve just by cutting off these two from your monthly spending. Another plus to this is you can achieve another 2018 goal! Be healthy and look good!



Alright! That was a few tips on how save your money effectively this year! Another tip is to install an app on your phone to make it easier for you to track your spending habit! This way you can easily check on your spending and keep track on how much money you have left to spend for the whole month. Since most people paid quite a lot for their phone, why not use it to help you maximize your saving right?

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