How To Wear Denim(s)

White on Denim

The classic denim on white combo is a go-to choice for denim lovers and for very good reasons. Denim can be the statement piece of an outfit and the pieces of clothing that you decided to dress around it is very crucial. White on denim looks casual and clean, you could seem like you are doing more without actually trying that hard.

You have a wide choice of white and denim to choose from, from a simple white tee to blouses, tanks, crops, or even a white bomber jacket! The list can be a long one, thus it is a style that people should keep in mind for an everyday denim look that is easy to pull off. There are times when denim can be quite a heavy fabric to be worn for a casual look but when paired with something as simple as a white t-shirt, fret not you will not look 'heavy'!

Denim on Denim

Gone are the days where people are afraid to pair two denim pieces for the fear of getting compared to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's unforgettable fashion faux pas in the 2001 American Music Awards.

Right now it's all about making a statement and learning the art of pairing two denim items together without making it look like you're ready to milk a cow.

The first rule on how to pull off the denim on denim look is to make sure that the denim clothing paired are of different colours or washes, you have an array of colours to choose from and quite a selection of washes. For instance, light blue with navy blue, white denim with black denim, acid wash denim jacket with black distressed denim jeans. The key here is to know your body and what looks best on your body type. Don't worry about the age-old rule of not wearing double denim, it's all about doubling it up now. Wear it with confidence and you are ready for a great day out!

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