I, Tonya (2017): Go Figure!

The last time I didn’t take Figure Skating seriously was when I watched Blades of Glory. Well, there’s a huge spin now with I, Tonya, a film-formed manifesto of the dramatic true story of Tonya Harding, a controversial American figure skater who ruined her bright future after an attack on fellow competitor and friend Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Olympic trials. It was since then that her career was never to see the light of the sport ever again, but it was believed that her life was never picture perfect in the first place - hence the movie. If you ask me, it’s hard to believe that it’s based off a real interview with Tonya Harding, her mother and the people involved in most of her catastrophic career. Trust me, the more immersed I am in the movie, the more I forget that it happened in real life. Of course, the film is just an exaggeration of the reality. Nevertheless, it revealed the truth and only the truth.


The dark comedy biopic was made 12 years after the controversy, directed by Craig Gillespie and written by Steven Rogers. The ultimate darling, Margot Robbie plays Tonya Harding, alongside Allison Janney who effortlessly played her mother and earned an Oscar for the role. Margot Robbie had to turn into a professional figure skater with just 4 months of training, or at least to look and act like one. She had two stunt doubles to perform the impossible Triple Axel, but the editing was seamlessly done so huge kudos to that!


Well, to put it simply the movie is one hell of a roller coaster. One moment you’d think - Oh, she’s gonna finally get her life together, and next she has a restraining order against her obsessive and over-protective ex-husband. Sometimes you’d wonder if Tonya ever had a real support system at all, everyone sort of gave her all sorts of tough love. And, you’re gonna wanna punch her supposedly ‘bodyguard’s face after ruining her entire career… He’s really dumb, and he really pissed me off. Enough said. All that aside, Tonya remained as the sassy, witty, tough cookie she is - and that’s what will make you love her.

All anger and intense feelings aside, the movie can get pretty slow and tiring. It’s only because Tonya’s life gets even more complicated towards the end. Who knew figure skating could become so dramatic? But what keeps my energy burning is how much I love to hate the characters, of course. However, I do enjoy watching her figure skating performances, and the soundtrack was a good touch as well.  


Regardless, I would admit that I, Tonya is iconic; amazing, breathtaking, spectacular, magnificent- All that. I’d say it’s quite memorable because I can still picture the big bad or good moments in my mind. One more thing I’d like to add: Margot Robbie plays an awesome Tonya Harding. Finally, we get to remove the overrated Harley Quinn image as something ‘kickass’ or ‘cool’, because I honestly never liked her role in that movie. Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding was her best performance yet and it shows that she is truly more versatile than I expected.

Well, with the amount of passion I talk about this movie, should you watch I, Tonya? I’ll let you figure that out yourself.

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