Instagram Tips

  • Know your style, and be yourself
    It is important for you to channel your personality through your posts, whether it be photography or videography, what you post should represent who you are. It is okay to be dynamic and change your style now and then, people change and so does their interests! When your personal style change, the pictures that you take will change as well and that is completely fine, it’ll be fun to go through your Instagram account a few years later and see how much you’ve grown in terms of expressing yourself through pictures! Always be true to who you are, it is your platform to shine!


    • Develop an aesthetic

    This heavily depends on the individual, beauty and aesthetic is subjective and different people have different taste and that makes Instagram an awesome app. You can develop an aesthetic through your Instagram feed, make three grid photos, or six, or even nine! Know the technique of how to do so and experiment with it. Colour coordinate your pictures, making sure that your Instagram feed is cohesive and tells a story to those who happened to stumble upon it. You can stick to one genre of photography like architecture, nature, and portraits or stick to a theme like grunge, minimalist, neon. Your aesthetic should be what you find mesmerizing, and inspiring, and translate it into pictures!

    • Get inspiration and be creative

    You can get your inspiration from anywhere! Flip a magazine, watch movies, television series, or even a walk by the beach. You can even visit cafes or interesting places, inspiration may strike you at the most random time. You will find beauty in everything if you just expose yourself to the possibilities. Letting yourself be constantly inspired is a great way for you to discover your style and to develop an aesthetic for your Instagram. You don’t have to go far or spend a ton of money to get a shot with the background of Machu Picchu, sometimes even a table, a book, and a cup coffee can produce a great shot! It’s all about how you do it and how creative you can get.

    • Improve your editing skill

    Some people may have learned to use advanced editing software or apps for their photos but if you’re just on Instagram for fun and not for a professional reason, it is still important for you to develop your editing skills. There are a lot of great photo editing apps on Google Play and the App Store, the most popular ones like VSCO, Afterlight, Snapseed, AfterFocus are very user-friendly and can be easily mastered. You can develop your photo editing skill and try on filters that would cater to your Instagram aesthetic. Remember to not over edit your photos, it can be tacky and nobody likes tacky.


    • Post Often

    This does not mean that you need to post the same type of pictures within an hour gap, which can overwhelm your followers. You can stick to a pattern of posting, for example, you can post once a day or twice a week, as long as you have a schedule and stick to it your followers will constantly be interested and will anticipate your posts. Of course, this is not a rule, you can post according to the occasion but remember that having a pattern of posting can help you be disciplined in producing content for your Instagram account and it will keep you on the go and be inspired to capture aesthetically pleasing moments.


    • Be creative with your caption

    Captions that are too long may not be as appealing as compared to a witty or an inspirational one-liner. Unless it is a long caption of dedication to a loved one or to send a message across most people won’t bother reading long captions. Your caption also reflects your style, if you are a professional photographer or even a freelance photographer, you can put in details of the shot into your caption for others to draw inspiration from. If you are a food enthusiast, you can put in the details of the restaurant and the name of the food. It depends on what style you prefer and whether you wanted to put in a deep inspirational quote or something more straightforward as a caption, but in this case, less is always more!


    • Interact with your followers

    You get comments and likes, and even DMs sometimes. For those perverts who slide into your DM, those can be ignored but other than that, it is polite to reply. If your followers complimented your post, it will be nice to reply with a thank you, and now you can even like users’ comments on Instagram, you can at least do that to show them that you appreciate their feedback. Even the negative ones can be constructive! So you can thank those too. When your followers ask questions of your technique or your subject for the post, it’ll be great if you reply them to share information and exchange thoughts, remember everyone can be inspired and you might learn a thing or two from interacting with your followers.


    • Explore the ‘explore’ button

    The ‘explore’ button on Instagram shows mutual followings or similar accounts so you can definitely network with other Instagram users that share the same interests as you. Growing your network is also important if your goal for the account is to be a platform of exposure. You may even find new friends and collaborate with other users!


    • Do not abuse hashtags

    Hashtags are a great way to easily get discovered and it is a grouping tool that is effective for those who are looking for a similar concept in a post. But remember to not put too many hashtags and know the art of hiding them (in your comments). You don’t have to hashtag every word in your caption because that only clutters it, you can create your brand through your hashtag as well, be as creative as you can and make sure that it reaches your intended audience.


    • Have fun
    Last but not least, have fun! Instagram is, after all a social media app, even though you can get technical with it and stick to your own style and theme, you can always have fun and break the rules from time to time (not illegally)!

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