Is FENTY BEAUTY Overrated?

The Internet has spun countless of trends that just gets more intriguing as time passes, and we netizens are forever eager to keep up with them or to become trendsetters ourselves. If you are well-versed with the millennial hype, you won't disagree with the many others who consider RIHANNA as queen of a century. Her bad gal swagger has never disappeared no matter how old she gets. She’s the sassiest Hollywood mogul out there who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.


In this era, you can't really limit Riri’s fortes to just one. Back in the day, she used to umbrella ela ela eh eh her way to the Billboard charts; from singing RnB to the best dance jams, there’s no way you’ve never sung at least one of her songs. She truly is a music icon since the beginning of her career, especially with that sultry Barbadian touch in her voice. But today, she’s truly a jack of all trades and could just be a master at each and every single thing she does.


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As the years pass, she is now a fashion AND beauty icon. She makes all sorts of unconventional pieces of clothing conventional and totally stylish and she’s the ONLY ONE who can pull them off. In more recent times, the hype has gone overdrive on her FENTY BEAUTY makeup line that has got every makeup lover and beauty guru out there way too excited to buy everything.


The question here is, how good is it, really? Has it become a hype merely because Rihanna is, well, Rihanna?


Let’s review some of their products.




Rihanna made a really smart move by kick-starting her makeup line with such a wide variety of foundation shades for all skin types! Queen Riri really just granted every girl what they need for their unique features. I’d say this isn’t just a hype at all, she pretty much saved the world.



These shimmering highlights really boosted the Internet realm of beauty because everyone just loves to peep that highlight! And with such shiny pigment? Gurrlllll!



14 petal-soft matte lipsticks for every mood 👄#MATTEMOISELLE

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The puns in her product names just makes everything so much fun. The Mattemoiselle lipstick line has a wide variety of shades from nudes, to killer red ones, and even crazy blue and green! Go wild!



Everything looks so much better when they’re glowing. The FAIRY BOMB is definitely something that would make you shine just like Edward Cullen, only more fabulous. You never knew you needed it but girl, you gotta glow!


Of all makeup brands, I definitely would not say that FENTY BEAUTY is overrated. Riri really listens to us all, and she’s making every girl’s makeup dreams come true.

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