Is Sarah Burgess is a Loser Just Another Typical Teen Movie?


Considering the fact that most of Netflix’s originals cater to younger age groups and pretty much center high school life and teenage peer pressure,Sarah Burgess is a Loser makes no exception! You’re probably really tired of preteen culture in cinema but if you’re like me, you’ve probably succumbed to the curious question of “why has this movie made such a big hype?”


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While this movie is 70% cliche, we have to take into account the 30% that makes preteen cinema a whole lot different. Sarah Burgess is a Loser has executed the central problem of teenage insecurity with a different approach by presenting the lead actress played by Shannon Purser with an “I don’t care what they say about me” and “I’m happy the way I am” personality. However, this brings into light those who hide their insecurities behind a carefree facade. We soon realize that the reason why we appear so confident with ourselves is that we are more similar to everyone else than we think.


Sarah Burgess is a Loser brings up about how everyone hides behind an ideal image. Even the antagonist, Veronica (Kristine Froseth) who seems like the hottest mean girl in school, hides her broken home by presenting the all perfect girl image. This is interesting because we rarely highlight the anti-hero perception when it comes to most teenage films that show mean girl vs good girl. In the end, we realize that we are all the same - that we are all in fact, losers.


On another note, my experience watching this movie was actually quite a roller coaster. I cannot help but admit that I was pretty much pissed and agitated at Sarah Burgess’ failure to realize that Jamey’s love for her was skin deep. It did build up suspense and frustration which was probably why it was so intriguing to watch until the end (although I already had in mind that they were gonna attend homecoming together and live happily ever after *heart eyes emoji*)


However, I soon realize that this movie isn’t all about love. It’s about self acceptance. We will all have to face our demons one day, like Sarah Burgess and her hidden insecurities and Veronica breaking free from idealistic social pressure. Sarah Burgess is a Loser, as a love story, is very cliche; but now seeing it as a special kind of teen movie, it might have broken some stigmas of the high school status quo.

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