Jollibee to Open Their First Malaysia Branch in Sabah!

OMG GUYS!! Have you heard about Jollibee, a famous fast food chain from Philippines is planning to open 500 new branches to expand their business and to penetrate new market. Some of the countries they are thinking to branch into is China, United States, Vietnam, London, Indonesia and you guess it, Malaysia! You probably heard about this from various sites by now.

Their first store in Malaysia is planned to be open in Sabah, according to them, this decision was made because Sabah is the closest to Philippines and they believe there are quite a number of Filipinos in Sabah.

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According to a report by 4-Traders, Jollibee founder and chairman, Tony Tan said that they will first launch Jollibee in the eastern side of Sabah and then they will expand from there. They choose to do so because there a lot of Filipinos in the eastern side of Sabah and they want to focus on the Filipinos first.


This is actually not the first time Jollibee invested to expand in Malaysia and Singapore. JFC invested in the 1990s but they have the withdrew from both market as asia economy was not doing well at that time.

Jollibee is well-known because of their amazing signature fried chicken! Be careful KFC, Texas Chicken and Borenos! Jollibee fried chicken is always the best-seller wherever they are and some people travel to Philippines just to have their fried chicken! With the name Chickenjoy, ofcourse a lot of people is expecting good things from them!

Seems like this will be a very busy year for Jollibee! If I remember correctly, they invested in Tim Ho Wan and have big plans for it in the future. I’m so excited to see what will they bring in the market!



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