Last Minute Chinese New Year Shopping in a Budget!

It had been a very busy months for the retail company since November as there had been sales since 11.11, 12.12, Christmas Sales, New Year Sales and now we are moving to another sale, Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia. Before Christmas even ended, some people had already started playing Chinese New Year songs! The malls are doing their best to make their mall the prettiest shopping mall for this upcoming Chinese New Year and the shops are doing their best to attract more customers into their doors by offering more and more sales. Here are some of the shops that you need to visit because they are offering some crazy sales!


Sungai Wang

You might be reading this and felt “what so vague one like that” but there is so many shops in Sungai Wang that is offering crazy sales that you need to visit! One of it is Refash. Refash is a shop that sells recycle outfits with good price! You won’t be burning holes in your pockets if you purchase from them. (Well maybe the holes won’t be as big as purchasing the items in original price) The quality of the clothes are also amazing, if you pass by the shop without knowing it is a recycle store, you won’t know that it is one!

There are also various shops that are selling clothes and shoes for a good price and quality in Sungai Wang. You will certainly find something that you like in reasonable price range here! You can even get lucky and find good shoes deals here sometimes!


Berjaya Times Square

Another great place to find deals is in Berjaya Times Square. Just head to the highest floor (if I’m not mistaken) and you will be flooded with amazing deals! You can find shirts as cheap as RM10 and dresses within RM20! You can buy 5 different dresses for RM100! Okay if you like the RM20 dresses la, the slightly more expensive dresses are undeniable prettier and trendier. The qualities of the clothes are not the best but if you are only wearing it for a few special events and may or may not take it out to wear again, you might as well save some money while you are at it!


Kenanga Wholesale Center

One of the well-known places to find good clothes for affordable price! You can actually find everything here from dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts to shoes and bags. You can even find accessories from necklaces to earrings here. A friend of mine bought a pair of heels for RM25 here and it looks amazing. It was even comfortable and lasted her a good one year plus.


What’s even better about all three places? They have reasonable prices all year long! It just that now that it is Chinese New Year season, there are several of deals that can make that reasonable to quite cheap than usual! You won’t want to miss the Chinese New Year deals! Plus you can look pretty during Chinese New Year celebration and not break the bank while at it.

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