Less is More: Spark Your Inner Minimalist

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Compared to the early 2000’s, fashion and style have taken a great turn. From overlapping denim and leather, comes minimalism: the art of necessity. The minimalist lifestyle lives with an ongoing mantra of only keeping things that are important, or in other words, keeping it simple.

Fashion has evolved back to basics, as in, literally, clean cuts of shirt, pants or skirt, and a plain pair of shoes. While it is true that what you wear says a lot about you, sometimes minimalism speaks way beyond just that. As your clothes portray a plain jane/average joe, your personality could be otherwise in reality. The simplicity of your fashion can create some form of mystery as to figure out who you are, upon the first impression - And that’s what stirs the fun, right?


It’s a little ironic how minimalism says a bigger statement than avant-garde dressing in our modern day society. Most of our local urban fashion brands LOVE minimalism, keeping tones of colors synchronized, some like to throw a little hint of an edge by playing with unconventional cuts. That little element puts the surprise in the minimalist fashion, in its most necessary sense.

Here are a few suggestions to spark your inner minimalist:

Declutter your wardrobe.

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Your wardrobe should consist of things you need. By that, I mean you should prioritize your staples, according to your preference of what you need in your everyday life. However, to achieve the minimalist style you should organize your clothes according to base colors: as shown in the picture below.

Now, it should be understood that minimalism does not restrict you to stop wearing that cute mustard yellow sweater, the whole point is to create an easier but still flexible style for your everyday life. Staple articles of clothing and basics can come in handy as you can mix and match them to your minimalistic creativity.

You don’t need one too many: get rid of duplicates. Let's take the example of a simple black and white striped shirt. Yes, one shirt’s stripes are a lot thicker than the other but let's get real here, just how many striped shirts do you actually need?


Embrace the ‘one in, one out’ rule

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Minimalism can be a bit tricky if you’re a shopaholic AND a hoarder. Although it is satisfying to see a wardrobe full of clothes, it makes life much simpler if you can actually see the clothes you have. Once you buy something new, you should get rid of one item, to avoid the common frustration of choosing what to wear.


Don’t get me wrong, minimalism isn’t intended to put rules into fashion. After all, fashion is all about expressing yourself. For me, minimalism is a form of destressing. It gives a calming and more relaxed look reflected in the minimalist lifestyle of fewer worries. Minimalist fashion can also boost your confidence and set a new bar for you plain janes and average joes out there. There’s more to minimalism than meets the plain white tee.

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