Lost on the road of life? These movies may be for you

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We’re all kind of lost, somehow, at some point in our lives. Sometimes these big headaches catch up to us when our lives feel a bit too complicated to solve. Fret not, here are some film suggestions that could boost your spirit and possibly give you some new answers. Or maybe you could need a new philosophy in life? Perhaps you could find inspiration from these insightful movies.


  1. Good Will Hunting (1997)

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The screenplay writers of this film, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon who both play major roles in this film, were smart to shine a light on the search of hope and how we can find it within ourselves. In Good Will Hunting, we follow neighborhood bad boy Will Hunting as he evolves himself into a new perspective of life as he hunts for, well, goodwill. Robbie Williams’ character has his trade of inspiring quotes in this film, that you would want to etch into your memory.


  1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

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Five teenagers: (In their own terms) A princess, an athlete, a criminal, a brain, and a basket case get stuck in detention for nine hours with a task to write about “who they think they are”. Ironically, they find out that they have a lot in common. This film teaches how you should look beyond a status quo to really get to know someone. It’s inspiring in ways that could bend our perception of the people around us, and probably about ourselves, too. Perhaps the thoughts that linger after this watching this film could give you some fresh answers.


  1. I Origins (2014)

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This is a poetic piece, and while it’s a romantic one - it goes way deeper than you think. I Origins lets you see two different outlooks of life while putting two conflicting lovers against each other: belief versus logic. However different they are, they appear to gravitate towards each other in ways that cannot be explained. If you ask me, the traditional I love you and you love me romance is getting pretty old, hence this complicated yet life-fulfilling relationship. Watching things unfold can get pretty exciting. This film is refreshing, eye-opening and definitely worth to watch.


  1. Eat Pray Love (2010)

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Ever felt like shutting yourself out your daily life for a while? Eat Pray Love was made for the silenced wanderers. The lead character, Liz, played by the beautiful Julia Roberts goes on a journey that means a lot more to her inner stability than just being a regular tourist. She opens herself to new experiences that may seem triumphant in the beginning but will come to bring her closer to achieve the peace she had always looked for. Truly, there’s adventure calling for you somewhere, you just gotta take a leap of faith.


Indulge in these movies and soothe your worries, maybe you’d gain more than you expected. We tend to lose ourselves even in the things we love. But we find ourselves there too.


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