Make Your Favourite Sabah Food in Semenanjung

How many Sabahans are currently stuck in KL or somewhere in semenanjung? Lemme guess, most of you must be craving for a taste from home, especially with May being the Kaamatan month and most people tend to go home this month. It is quite hard to get Sabah food at KL, what more during MCO where most shops are either close or only by delivery which may cost more. Here are some foods you can try to make by yourself if you are missing the taste from home!


Sambal Lada

cr: Amie's Little Kitchen

Is it just me or does the sambal lada in Sabah taste different than the one in Semenanjung? This is honestly the easiest sambal lada to make though. You will need some chili (choose according to the spiciness level that you can take!), garlic and ginger.
All you need to do is cut the stem from the chili, peel the garlic and ginger and then you just have to blend it in the blender. You can add vinegar, water, salt and sugar to suit your taste. My dad will usually add the same amount of vinegar as the blended chili with a few teaspoons of salt and sugar. The most important step is to keep it refrigerated before serving it! This will make your sambal lada taste so much better.
You can also try frying it for extra flavour if you want to. Make your own sambal lada, there is no right and wrong in it.



I am sure a lot of us are craving for this dish right? Believe it or not, hinava is actually very easy to make unlike what most people think. The only downside to this dish is it can get very costly especially in semenanjung because of the price of mackerel (tenggiri). You can watch Stacy’s video on how to make hinava.

It is hard to get biji bambangan when it is not in season in Sabah, what more trying to get it in Semenanjung??!! You can actually skip this step, really you can. It may taste slightly different but it will still taste good. If you do not eat chili or bitter gourd, you can totally skip both of it as well. Just make sure you have the four most important ingredients, lime juice (can be substituted with white vinegar), ginger, red onions and salt. Mix all these ingredients with sliced mackerel and wait until the fish slices turn white, then you can enjoy your hinava!

If you are really looking for something to eat, try checking Facebook group Sabahans in KL. There are a lot of sabahans who are staying in various parts of Semenanjung who are doing business and some of them are selling our beloved food! Just check if they are delivering it to your area or if you need to pick up your food from them. After that, you can purchase your food and eat at the comfort of your own house!

You can also get various Sabah’s products such as kicap cap ayam, mee cap udang and some people are even selling latok! Just ask and who knows, someone may be selling it nearby you!

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