MH370 Final Report Will Be Release on 30th July 2018

Do you still remember Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? 8th March 2014, 4 years ago it mysteriously disappears and since then it had been the largest and the most expensive search that had ever been done in aviation history. Yet even till now, we still don’t know what had happened to the plane and what happened to 239 passengers onboard the missing flight.

According to Anthony Loke, Transport Minister, he told Reuter that the report of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will be released on 30th July. The families of 239 passengers on-board of the missing flight will also be briefed by the investigation team on the same day of the released of the report. The hard copies of the report will be distributed to the families and selected media but don’t worry, the report will also be available online.

Voice370, a group that represents the relatives of the passengers in the flight had urged Malaysian government to review the flight to detect if there is any possible falsification or elimination of records that is related to MH370 and its maintenance. This was released a few months ago in their open letter to the new Malaysia government when Malaysia changed government and the newly sworn-in cabinet members are starting their work.

A lot of theory had been put out there regarding the disappearance of the aeroplane and all the passengers with no traces. With the release of the final report of the investigation of flight MH370, hopefully, it can help to solve the tragedy and bring closure to the families and loved ones of the MH370 passengers.

(source: Reuter)

Here is a video from R.AGE, showing the effort of the families and loved one to find any information regarding the flight.

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