Movie Review: Searching

It’s about time for movies to transition into our fresh 21st century perspective. In the movie Searching, they did exactly that.


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You might think that the world outside of home is a dangerous place, so we confine our lives into a computer screen, that way, we won't even need to step outside to go about our lives, but just how safe are we, anywhere, really? The movie searching is a modernized version of Taken, the typical thriller act of father turns badass to look for his missing daughter. That narrative seems very cliche, but Searching has brought into a more realistic approach, which makes it anything but cliche!


Searching’s realistic approach is the reason why its thrilling effect is so effective for audiences of any age at all to feel engrossed into the emotion, excitement, and suspense; simply because it shows how relatable it is to our world today. We are stuck to our mobile devices, whether at home or even on our travels, we depend a lot on our virtual worlds as well.


The movie plays out on a computer screen. Literally. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer:


You might be reminded of the movie Nerve, but Searching is edited totally on a computer screen preface. You’d think like, wow, they just went totally digital! And then realize that that’s almost exactly your state of existence in this world as we speak. You keep in touch with friends and family over Whatsapp groups or Facebook, you can even have virtual meetings for work through video conferences - pretty much everything you do wouldn’t have to require getting off your chair! Seems like a pretty easy life, but, isn’t that kinda scary too?


However, Searching’s story is told in favor of digital innovations as David Kim looks for his daughter;s digital footsteps through various mediums of social media and uncover truths about his 16-year-old daughter, Margot, that he never imagined. 


What makes this movie worthy to watch is how close you’re able to relate to the feelings of David, and how his life in pixels is almost too similar to yours, which just escalates the thrilling experience even more. The plot isn’t too typical either, so allow me to take back the whole Taken movie concept. This is a smart movie in both contextual and visual aspects, and it might just have introduced a new brand of cinema.

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