Movies Movies Movies! Anything else to watch this month that isn’t Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Fancy a movie date this weekend? We’re here to help you get your date into thinking that you’re in-the-know with new films at the cinema. Or you could just- indulge in some alone time, no problem with that either. But weekends are always family time anyway, so why not just go catch a movie with your family? We’ve got a lineup of movies from all sorts of genres for any kind of movie date!


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (In cinemas 19th July 2018)

I’m certainly thrilled about this sequel! We’re going back in time to where it all started. Much of Donna’s complicated yet interesting past is finally getting the movie it deserves. And is anyone ready to start singing to ABBA songs in the cinema? Well, here we go again!


Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation (In cinemas 19th July 2018)

Somehow we can't get enough of this wacky scary bunch and their complex relationships with the human world. It gets a little crazier now that they’re going on vacation- judging solely on the trailer itself. Mavis brings her oh-so-scary father on a monster cruise for some R&R only to unravel bigger drama. I heard there’s gonna be a hint of romance somewhere.


Mission: Impossible Fallout (In cinemas 26th July 2018)

Yay, another action movie! For all you adrenaline junkies out there, here’s another Mission Impossible film for you. Car chases, impossible action stunts and explosions galore! Ethan Hunt gets another mission that goes bad as the CIA starts questioning his loyalty and real motives. Hmm, I wonder why? Anyway, watch Tom Cruise kick ass yet again! *queue explosives*


The First Purge (In cinemas 2nd August 2018)

Why do they keep making The Purge sequels? Do they really think we enjoy watching a blood-fest? Something tells me that isn’t the reason at all, and such horrofic imaginations of mankind cant just be another plain horror movie, so what are they really trying to show us? Maybe we’ll find out in this prequel on The First Purge.


Crazy Rich Asians (In cinemas 22nd August 2018)

Let's be honest, when is Hollywood gonna stop casting Asians as smart-ass side characters? Set in Singapore, Crazy Rich Asians features an all Asian cast in a not so typical Asian life! Crazy Rich Asians is just an extravagant version of meeting your partner's big family for the first time.This movie features our very own Malaysian, the hunky Sarawakian Henry Golding!


Keep these on your calendar for movie frenzy weekend (or Wednesday nights… am I right?? *cough cough* cheeper tickets!) and be the first ones to watch them before your friends start posting spoilers! But if you are the first to watch though, don’t be that bad friend.

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