Must Listen Covers of Your Favorite Songs


You have to admit that sometimes songs on the radio grow old, and overplayed, especially after going through agonizing traffic jams almost every day. They tend to play the same songs over and over, and in some cases, two radio stations could be playing the same song at the same time! When you find yourself switching from one station to the other and ending up sick and tired of Havana or Shape Of You, or anything that’s way too overplayed these days… You know you’ve just had it.

Even your favorite songs wear out, and you sing along to them way too often until it just gets plain boring. Sounds pretty sad because, well, maybe those songs hold a lot of fun and sometimes emotional memories. But fret not,  there’s another way you can enjoy your favorite songs. And that’s what we’re going to break down right here, as it’s about high time we uncover some covers that are worth listening, singing along to, and falling in love with again. Trust me, it’s like falling in love for the second time; similar things happen, only better.

Here’s a list of songs you might want to add to your playlist.

I got you covered.


  1. Oh Wonder - Crazy in Love

Well, there’s definitely no other singer who can top Beyonce, but this cover is worth a listen. Since the rebirth of Crazy in Love with its sexy version for Fifty Shades of Grey, the new rendition of the song has become a favorite just as the original was for many.


  1. Thomas Daniel - Scared To Be Lonely

Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix’s Scared To Be Lonely is given a new twist in the mood, to sound a little sweeter with a touch of folk by Boyce Avenue's Thomas Daniel. Compared to the eccentric original, this cover sounds more relaxing and soulful, something you can definitely sing with all your built up emotions.


  1. Ed Sheeran - Hit Me Baby One More Time

Whoever expected Ed Sheeran to bring Britney back, one more time? Maybe the original isn’t even played on the radio anymore, but it’s definitely a cover worth jamming to, for a throwback, and for Britney’s sake. It doesn’t matter who you are, boy, girl, young or old- If you’ve been in the era of red leather jackets, you know the lyrics by heart.


  1. Boyce Avenue - Cheap Thrills

Sia finally preached it for the cheapskates out there who know how to have fun. Here’s a folksy Boyce Avenue version that’s a little slow but doesn’t take the party spirit out of the song.


  1. Linn Brikell - Get Lucky

Get Lucky was a hit that had so many repetitions that were somehow so hard to not sing, no matter how many times it took. Daft Punk must’ve worked some magic but Linn Brikell took an acoustic turn that gives an easy and chill feeling to it.

Sometimes covers sound just as good as their originals, or maybe even better. It depends on you; if you’re the chill type or party type - But regardless, music is always enjoyable in the many sounds they grace us. So fret not, there are more surprises yet to come.

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