Must-Watch Netflix Originals!

Have you ever switched through channel after channel and fail to find new interesting films or tv shows to watch, hence, getting tired of TV altogether? Sometimes things grow old to you, even our best companies like the good ol’ tele. But look no further, there’s one thing everyone has been talking about for the past year now, and that’s Netflix.


You’ve probably seen thousands of captions on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the quote “Netflix and chill”, but the truth is, Netflix is no chill at all. You’d see so many people swooning over their new found love (or obsession) over series on Netflix such as Riverdale or Stranger Things. In fact, these two Netflix originals stole the show at the recent Teen Choice Awards as fans, like all die-hard fans, were more than excited to see their OTPs on stage and on the red carpet.


See how much hype Netflix is getting? You probably already know that it could be a bad idea to dive into it… Considering just how many nights you’d stay up to binge-watch your favorite shows. Imagine all the time you’d spend totally enjoying the thrill and suspense. But just how bad could it be?


Yes, Netflix isn’t free after the first month. You’d think, maybe it isn’t really worth your money. But the 30-day trial will prove you otherwise.


Here are some popular Netflix original movies and series that you should check out:


  1. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

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This is Netflix’s newest film that has got everyone tweeting, and posting up stories about it on Instagram. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is based on a best-selling teen novel about a typical teenage girl who has harmless crushes, until her quiet high school life turns upside down.


  1. Riverdale

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This is the series every Netflix newbie has to watch! Based on the characters from the Archie comics, Riverdale is a teen series built on the mysteries and secrets that lie within a small town. You’d think small towns always have that humble life, Riverdale will prove you otherwise.


  1. Meteor Garden

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We all love Asian drama, especially with so much excitement and suspense! Meteor Garden is all about high school elites who aren’t just good at their studies, because, like all high school teens, they find love.


  1. A series of unfortunate events

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Sounds familiar? You may have watched Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events as a movie, but it brings its dark and cynical vibes back again in a Netflix original series. This series is filled with adventures as the three Baudelaire orphans uncover dark truths about their family.


  1. Midnight diner: Tokyo street

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Ever walked into your favorite restaurant and thought, wow, everyone shares a common love for food. A very strong one at that. Here’s a Japanese drama that’s all about the kind of exceptional love you can't find anywhere else, proving how culinary love really makes the world go round.

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