Old but Gold: Creative Ideas to Transform Old into New

Fashion is all about speaking colors even when dressed in black. While clothes aren’t really a necessity in life, you make it a necessity in embodying who you are as a person. But at times, fashion can be frustrating. You wanna follow trends but as you try to keep up, your wallet doesn’t.

But why go through the agonizing pain of wearing your wallet out just for a trendy pair of jeans, when you can set your own trends by amplifying the existing items in your cramped up wardrobe? Those rotting clothes deserve to be brought back to life, with a touch of magic.

Here are some easy creative ideas to transform old into gold:

Embroidered jacket

(source: apairandasparediy.com)

It’s always fun to throw in a little edge to create a big statement on a simple piece like a denim jacket. You could just buy a readymade embroidered jacket, but it’s a lot more satisfying to see your own work come to life.  If going for big scale patterns is a little too ambitious for you, cute small flowers are cute too.

(source: flexandtwine.com)

It is a bit of a challenge especially if you’re not used to sewing, but you could always learn a new skill. However, you can always opt to use iron-on patches as an easier alternative.

(source: etsy.com)


(source: wheretoget.it)

Get your groove on by transforming your plain white tee into a tie-dye masterpiece. Although most tie-dye patterns are way too eye-catching with vibrant colors that call for a lot of attention, the whole fun about doing a DIY tie-dye shirt is you’ll get to use all your favorite colors, whether they are pastel or monotone colors.

It doesn’t take too much skill to actually get it done. There are a wide variety of techniques that you can find on Pinterest or through tutorials on YouTube. You may have to spend on paint and other materials needed, but it’s more worth it than to spend on a brand new shirt.

Statement Beanie 

(source: gurl.com)

You can also add a little twist to jewelry and fabric combinations. Got a broken statement necklace? All the more reason to stitch it onto anything you can put your hand on. In this case, a beanie is a cute choice to show off that bling. 


Quirky fun with colors

Of all DIY ideas I’ve mentioned, this is probably the easiest. All you need is some paint and creativity, based on the kind of look you are going for.

(source: abeautifulmess.com)

You can set a quirky look by tracing shapes onto your shirt, as shown in the picture above. Sometimes even the littlest details can change the overall look.

(source: clubcrafted.com)

This is way too easy, you can even get a baby to do this. Have fun by just splattering paint onto your white socks. You can do this on t-shirts, or shorts too.

Save your worries, DIY is the way to go! Sometimes, being stylish doesn’t come at the unnecessary expense of your money. You’ll find more joy in recreating fun looks especially because it’s done with your own effort, and your new refashioned clothes will speak your style way better than any trend out there.

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