SEPHORA opens its second KK branch at Suria Sabah!


SEPHORA has been every girl’s major beauty outlets for a very long time now, whether you enter the store just to swatch a bunch of crazy-colored lipstick, or ready for a major makeup haul, there is always a certain thrill entering Sephora.

One thing that has been quite a bummer, however, is how KK was only limited to the only Sephora branch at Imago KK, and that means if your dream Fenty Beauty lipstick is out of stock, you’re in no luck to find it anywhere else. *Dreams shatter into glitter*

But now, our dreams are shattered no longer!


(picture source: SEPHORA Facebook Page)

Calling all makeup lovers, Sephora finally opens its second KK branch at Suria Sabah! FINALLY!!! The store is located at the first lot right after the main entrance (previously Mango) for all makeup lovers who can't wait to start shopping! The resistance for a makeup haul is now futile... You can see the shop from outside the mall so, there’s no way to resist, sister. And that’s both bad and good news for you.


You’ll enter the mall, and soon realize there’s no escape…


Sephora Suria Sabah just held its grand opening today, with an expected swarm of makeup lovers all ready for a big makeup party with energetic dance performances and even a photo booth for some shameless vanity moments! - And for goodie bags, of course! Because who can ever turn down free beauty products? AND NOT TO MENTION RM100 VOUCHERS TOO??


(picture source: SEPHORA Facebook Page)

The lucky first 200 to enter the store sure had many others jealous… It’s not everyday Sephora has a sale, and not something so grand as that either.


And so it begins… What are all you makeup lovers waiting for?!

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