Should You Start Carrying Reusable Straws?

If you haven’t heard, since the 1st of August 2018 McDonalds Malaysia have decided to stop providing drinking straws in all their outlets to support “Say No to Straws” campaign. A lot of restaurants are joining this campaign to encourage the public to stop using plastic straws.


You might think that a plastic straw cannot be causing that much harm to the environment because you know, you probably only use one or two...or maybe more every single day. Then the person next to you is probably using two or three straws every single day as well…

If everyone in Malaysia is using two to three plastic straws every day, the number will grow and now it’s not just a small plastic straw. According to an article released by New Straits Times, Malaysian had been said to use 31 million plastic straw daily. Did you know it takes longer than your lifespan for a single straw to decompose fully?

Quite a number of states in Malaysia had also started “No Plastic Bag” campaign the past few years and encouraging the public to bring their own recyclable bag to shop. Both of these campaigns are trying to raise awareness among the mass public regarding the danger of plastic waste to our planet Earth.

If you really want to use a straw for your drinks, you can do so by purchasing your own straws. Not buying 1000 pieces of plastic straws okay! Instead browse around and find metal straws that are reusable. Similar to bringing a recyclable bag when you shop, now you can bring reusable straws for your drinks.

With more and more people learning about the benefit of purchasing reusable straws, there are more and more shops that are selling metal straws or bamboo straws to the mass public which makes it easier for you to get your hand on it. You should totally get yourself a metal straw and make it a habit to carry it with you. Yes, you might still have your drink in a plastic cup but one small step at a time!

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