Bye bye, Good Vibes Festival 2018. Bring on the post-festival hangover :/

Oh no, the weekend is over! And now we’re back to our everyday routine. Didn’t it all happen way too fast? The music, the people, and all the fun that you had at Good Vibes Festival 2018, don’t you wish it never ended? Now the post-festival hangover is kicking in, and you’re still trying to fathom the unbelievable experience you had watching all your favorite acts perform live, maybe it’s a little hard to stomach, and you can't stop playing it over and over again in your mind. Let me tell you that it’s totally fine if you’d do anything to avoid another gloomy Monday. Let’s just keep embracing good vibes all year round!


  1. Listen to the official Good Vibes Festival 2018 playlist on Spotify

It’s the day after the festival and everyone’s on their way home. Whether it’s by car, train, or plane, enjoy the ride home with the official festival playlist on Spotify as an epilogue to your unforgettable experience. Listen to it here


  1. Post photos and stories on your Instagram

Get started with the spamming! Suuuure your followers would be annoyed and totally jealous but let’s be real with what’s important here… The music festival was an experience of a lifetime, so why not?


  1. Create an album of your best memories

One day you’ll want to look back and reminisce what a good time you had at Good Vibes Festival 2018, so why not make it easier for future you and compile everything into one album? You could make one on facebook, or just post a whole lot on Instagram, but I suggest you get them printed and keep in a physical album old skool style!


  1. Don’t throw away your wristband!

What do you mean it’s just a piece of cloth??? It’s as good as treasure- For sentimental reasons, that is! You’re going to look back at it and miss everything you went through all over again. Sigh…


  1. Continue the concert back home!

Fret not, my friend. The festival continues at home! Listen to all your favorite acts at Good Vibes Festival all over again in your bedroom just as you always have been all your life… But the good thing is, now you get to picture an even better experience. You’ve made memories and watched them all perform in the flesh, so now you get to recall everything as you dance in your bedroom like you did at the festival grounds.


This all may sound so sentimental and sad now, but trust me, treat your post-festival hangover with good thoughts for good memories, and to just keep that good vibes going.


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