Stop Using Single Use Items, Change to Reusable Items Now!

I want you to look around your house right now, how many items do you see that will end up in your trash after a single use? You probably did not realize how many items are actually single use items in your house. Most of these items are essential for your household but do you know most of these items do have another alternative so you can stop throwing it after a single use? Here are some single use items you can replace with the reusable items.



How many of us have a drawer filled with old and used batteries that we are not even sure if it is still usable? Some of us need these batteries for various items in our house such as the television remote control, the air-conditioning remote control and more. Sure there is no problem to use it and it is essential for your household but there is a better alternative.
Get a rechargeable battery! Yes it may cost more than a single use battery but you will be saving a lot of money in the long run as you can use the battery for years.



How many of us will choose to use tissue to wipe something? We even have so many options from normal dry tissue, wet tissues or kitchen towels. Well why do we do this actually? What happened to using a good morning towel to wipe everything from our sweats, the spill on the kitchen table and more? Let’s start switching back to towels for everything, stop using the single use tissues!

Facial Cottons

A staple on everyone’s vanity table, cotton rounds or cotton pads that we use daily for our skincare and makeup remover. Do you know that it is not necessary to use cotton to apply your toner or other liquid skincare? Try using your hand! It will extend the life of your product as the cotton absorbs more product rather than what you are using on your skin. If you really need to use cotton, swap to using a cotton cloth! See those clothes you have been planning to throw or donate? Take one and cut it into small squares so you can use it instead of cotton rounds!


Cotton buds

How many of us believe that cotton buds are a must to maintain a clean hygiene for your ears? Experts actually say no, we are wrong. Cotton buds are bad for our ears as they push all the junks inside instead of cleaning it, thus blocking our ears! We are purchasing and using cotton buds not to help but make the situation worse. Apparently our ears can clean themselves and the wax is actually good. If you really do need to clean your ears, use the metal ear cleaner. It is safe and reusable, just make sure not to poke it in too harshly and clean it!

It is time to make these changes now. You do not even have to purchase anything new to make these changes, well except for the batteries. Stop giving excuses and start making a change now!

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