The Essential Guide to Going Offline

It’s 7am. The sunlight creeps up to your bed, waking you up with its bright ray. Sooo tired from work yesterday, a good night’s rest was total bliss for you. Prepping out of bed, you stretch your arms… To reach your phone.


As soon as you unlock your phone you turn cross-eyed, with full attention to the screen. You open up WhatsApp, to see if your boyfriend/girlfriend wished you good morning (chances are, they’re still asleep), swipe to Twitter to see the latest gossip, shift to Facebook to watch funny videos and finally take an “I woke up like this” selfie on Snapchat.

You look to the upper corner to check: It’s 10am.


Has it ever occurred to you just how often you have your phone in your hands? It has become a habit to constantly scroll Instagram for no reason, and to open and close tabs as you like. It has taken way too much of your time until it becomes a bad habit.

Finally, you feel nauseated at just how unhealthy your lifestyle has become. What you, and most people, don’t realize is how much they need a social media detox.

1. Disappear

I don’t mean you should totally vanish out from everyone’s lives, but a helpful tool to give yourself an offline break is by deleting your social media apps. This won't delete your accounts, however, deleting them will only break your habit of checking them for no reason.

2. Leave your phone.

This may sound difficult, but with the right mindset, it is possible! Turn off your phone and keep it in your drawer. However, if you find yourself going back to where you hid it, let someone else hide it for you. Friend support is important to practice discipline.

3. Develop a new hobby

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Try your best to keep yourself busy. Pick up a new hobby like playing crossword puzzles or simply read a good book. Even once you go back online again, you’ll find yourself going back to these new hobbies and voila! - You get to have a healthier lifestyle.

4. Get creative


Pick up a paintbrush and create art! - Or you could write something creative like short stories or poetry, as you like. Your free time being offline is best spent on developing your skills and get your creative brain juice flowing.

 5. Take time off to relax


Get out of bed, or that lazy chair, to quit being a couch potato! By going offline, you should involve yourself with a relaxing spa treatment, or do exercises such as yoga, or pilates - and if you’re the more energetic type, hit the gym! But if you’re doomed to be lazy still, you could always just have a nice cup of coffee at a cafe by the beach.


Let’s face it, going offline is a new luxury. We’re better off without our phones at times when we don’t really need them. Maybe you’d want to check how many likes you got on the photo you just posted, but what’s so great about likes and followers? What matters more is your healthy, self-aware lifestyle, spent with real relationships you build offline. So go unplugged, and breathe the fresh air of the ‘outside world’.

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