The Perfect Presents to Give Your Boyfriend for His Birthday

2018 is here and cheers to another great year with us. If you clicked on this article, does that mean you are in a relationship or you are hoping to be in a relationship and you want to surprise him with a sweet gift? Here are some of our favourite gifts to give the boyfriend! (or any guy in your life la, can be your bf, your fiancée, your husband or even your dad! Don’t forget to give your dad a gift ah!)



First and foremost, it is every man’s favourite accessory. Get them that kick they have been eyeing for quite some time. 8/10 guys will love to receive shoes as a gift because aiyo which guys do not love their shoes?

How to find the shoes they will surely like? Drag them to shop with you! Pretend you are looking for shoes and while you are at it, ask them which shoes they like. Easy peasy! Or if you do not have the time to go shopping together, ask him straightforward la! If you really want to surprise him then you have to be super observant and ask him subtle questions so he won’t know you are digging!



Another famous gift idea is to get them a shirt, it can be T-shirts or office shirt… Or our TipTopBandit shirt…..

Ok ok self-promo a bit hahaha but if your man loves to rock the latest style and post #ootd on IG, there is nothing better than to get something from TipTopBandit. He will surely look dashing on his IG post. Just make sure the get the correct size for him!



Don’t you like it when your man smells amazing? This is a gift for him and for you! He can smells amazing and you will enjoy how he smells. Nowadays, there are a lot of man’s perfume that smells amazing (to the point I, myself want to get a bottle for me so if I get one for my boyfriend I can use it as well! Hah!) and there are a few choices that come in a decent price. Get him a bottle of perfume if you don’t know what else to get him!


Belt & Wallet

Yet another famous gift for guys, sorry la if you feel this is too cliché but there is nothing wrong to give him a good pair of belt and wallet. (Not every year la every once in a while when you see he needs a new one)



Another gift you can get is a watch. Get him a watch that he can use for various function, maybe if he do not have a formal watch then you can get him a formal watch. If he loves sport, you can get him a sport watch. If he loves his phone? Get him a smart watch and now he does not have an excuse to not reply your message because he can see all the messages received via his watch!


That are some gifts you can get for your boyfriend! If really no idea already? Belanja him his favourite food all day long la or even better? Cook for him! Hope these ideas help you!

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