The TEALIVE vs CHATIME Feud is Officially Over!

Over the past few months, word has gone around about the legal battle between the infamous bubble tea franchises of Tealive (Loob Holdings) and Chatime (La Kaffa International). And OH FOR THE LOVE OF TEA didn’t you wish they would just settle it already?! All you wanna do is enjoy your bubble tea in peace.


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If you’re lost along the road of this trend, here’s a brief note to know the root of this bubbling concoction of drama:


Loob Holdings was being terminated by La Kaffa, disabling them from operating in Malaysia. They were charged for a third-party involvement, denied rights to inspect and audit books, an outstanding royalty due amounting to RM3,174,000 and similar branding in aspects of ingredients, color schemes, packaging, and logo.


As the timeline passes, there has been many times that the case was dismissed which allowed Tealive to proceed with businesses. However, La Kaffa remained determined to bring them down the second time around! Doesn’t this sound a hell lot like a dramatic TV show already?


All jokes aside, this bubble tea family feud brought tea lovers at a crossroads in discussing “which is better?? Chatime or Tealive??” hence the many articles pinning the two against each other. Some even opted for other bubble tea outlets leaving themselves out from the drama.


But the skies have cleared!



So the legal battle is brought to a resolution on this historic Merdeka eve. In the press statement above, it seems the two decided to put their cups down and bring tea to peace. Loob Holdings and La Kaffa International agreed to withdraw all legal proceedings in the court or any other enforcement actions against each other, and finally, they both live happily ever after and the world is a happy place again.


But would you be surprised if the next attempt of dispute arises?! To be continued…. Dun dun dun…

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