Things To Kill Your Boredom

It’s the weekend! Saturdays and Sundays are the best kind of days to relax, unwind, and just remain comfortable in your home after a long tiring week at work. You do deserve all that time for yourself, but as the days past, things become a routine… And you somehow notice the pace of your days growing slower and slower. What seems to be the problem here?

Chances are, you’re bored.



You might not even necessarily be at home on a lazy day to feel bored. You could be at work, walking around aimlessly, and still feel the heavy weight of boredom burdening your shoulders. You’d check your phone, scroll through Instagram and maybe find the latest gossip somewhere on Twitter, but as you scroll and scroll until your fingers literally get sore, you start to actually get tired of it, and not to mention disgusted at yourself for the immense time spent being plastered on your phone. And the worst thing is you’ve run out of other ideas to entertain yourself.


But honestly, the answers are laid out right in front of you. You could do some chores, cook yourself some food… Or even go crazy like climb Mount Kinabalu or go bungee jumping. But let’s not get too wild. Here are a few suggestions to kill your boredom.  


Read a book.


Take a stroll along the bookshop isles and find a book suitable to your liking. If you’re too lazy to go out, you could always run through the books you have and you might notice one that’s untouched! However, if that’s unlikely, you could download eBooks online too. You could flip through the pages for hours and you’re more likely to find out that it’s already nighttime!


Watch a TED talk


Oh, lectures aren’t boring at all. Although TED talks are sometimes lengthy, it’s without a doubt that they can put value into your time. There’s a lot of new things to discover, so take a dive into their youtube channel and you might just get inspired.


Organize your phone.


This could be a bit of a hassle because you’d have to get rid of old memories. But face the facts, they could have never added any value whatsoever to your life all this while. Not only will you kill that boredom, you’d get to feel brand new after cleaning up.


Learn a new recipe


Be adventurous in the kitchen! Throw in that chicken and add some oranges, tomatoes, and go crazy! Okay, not that crazy. Search for interesting recipes online to spark that Masterchef waiting to shine.


Have your own home spa


If you’re bored, and all you want is a great deal of relaxation, why not soak in that bathtub or take a long shower to rinse off all that stress? You could also have your own spa day at home by purchasing some facial masks or exfoliating products to really get all that toxic out of your system.


Your days are better spent off that lazy couch. That way, you wont have to miss out on the exciting things you could explore. I mean, imagine dwelling in all that boredom, just how much time would you waste on such a great day?

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