Things to prepare before LOCKDOWN!

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO) sometime early March 2020 due to the alarming rates of the virus spreading across the globe.

Many countries have already gone into LOCKDOWN mode following a spike in statistics of this virus. However it was only recently declared by the Malaysian government on a LIVE broadcast at about 10:08pm, 16/3/20 that Malaysians will undergo LOCKDOWN from 18-31st of March 2020.

This is the first time that Malaysians were called in to a lockdown after the statistics in Malaysia spiked up within a day. It is safe to say that, many of us wouldn't know how to prepare for a LOCKDOWN.

Thankfully we did our research and below are somethings that should help you prepare for it!

1. Rice
Rice is a very good option to buy as compared to bread or instant noodles this is because it is healthier, keeps you much fuller & lasts reasonably long enough for this lockdown. If by the time you head down to the market & you don't see the brand of rice that you are used to but for the sake of staying a live, if you see rice, buy it! 

2. Frozen Food
Buy as much as you can. Frozen foods such as sausages, nuggets, fishballs are things that are cheap, tasty, lasts really long and can go well with rice or instant noodles. 

3. Laundry Liquid/Oral hygiene/Soap
To prevent coronavirus, you need to keep yourself & your family clean. So stock up on laundry liquid before it is too late. Buy some of them oral hygiene to keep your mouth clean & healthy otherwise it could lead to a lot of bad things. 

4. Water/Drinks
Because we are unlike some Western/European countries where people can drink directly from the tap, most Malaysian homes are equipped with water filters. Stocking up on some water & drinks will definitely be a life saver when your water filter is acting up during the LOCKDOWN. Just imagine where nobody can come to help fix your filter & you are left with no water to drink. Yikes!

 5. Telephone Charging Cables
Admit it. We are all super tied up with technology & our social world that, even 5 minutes without it can drives some people crazy. Imagine if your phone died during the LOCKDOWN because your only cable is broken. So if you only have one, it's time to go out and buy one or two more just in case yours breaks or gets lost during the LOCKDOWN

6. Emergency Lights/Fan
Can you imagine living without lights or fans during the middle of the night? A lockdown will just make all these things worst so go get yourself an emergency light & fan. Chances are, you'll use it again in the future when there is a power outage.

7. Power Bank
Imagine the power goes out & your phone is at 5%. Do we really need to explain more?

8. First Aid Kit
Getting a cut or anything like that is the last thing you want to go visit the doctors for a time like this. A first aid kit will definitely be a life saver. Imagine having to go to the clinic during a pandemic like this. The risk & thought of visiting a hospital or clinic alone is good enough to stress you out.

9. Light Bulbs
Get yourself some light bulbs before the lockdown. It is important because since you'll be spending more time at home, this would only mean you will be using more electricity and that also means, your light bulbs will wear out quicker. If you are one that is okay living in the dark then you can go ahead and ignore getting light bulbs.

10. Medicine/Supplements
Stock up on medicine. You don't want to be crying of flu, coughheadache or gastric or any allergies during the lockdown & suffer through it without any medication. 

Anyway, that's all from us! We hope that the information here will help you prepare for the LOCKDOWN. If it did, don't forget to share it. You never know maybe this guide/article could help save & make their LOCKDOWN experience better.

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