Throwback songs from the early 2000’s


If you’ve been through the late 90’s and the start of a new millennium, you’re probably familiar with the era of top to bottom denim, spunky teens, and uprising boy bands. Breaking through the new millennium of the music world are the hits we know so well today. We’d get excited when it gets randomly played on the radio, in which, we’d soon realize how we’ve grown familiar with the lyrics and not to mention the adlibs too.

It’s rather ironic how nostalgia feels fresh in mind when familiarity starts to play with our memories. Whether it’s a catchy tune or the ultimate emo track, songs of the early 2000’s were really memorable especially to the spunky teens themselves who grew up in this age.


Here are a few throwback songs from the early 2000’s to jog your memory.


Britney Spears - Oops I did it again (2000)

You’d recall just how many times you’ve used the line “oops I did it again” to play fun with your friends when making mistakes (at times, on purpose, just so you’d be able to sing it out). The most memorable icon of the early 2000’s has to be Britney! Despite many controversies in the past, she definitely made her statement in that all red latex. And for some reason, the whole space theme seemed to be all the rave back then.


NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye (2000)

Ah, NSYNC is just one of the boy bands all mothers will fangirl for today. Before Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, he was all innocent and cute in that group of five. Although they discontinued, they’re still one of the most memorable icons of their era, proven when they did a surprise comeback performance in the Grammy’s. NSYNC was the ultimate OG.


Avril Lavigne - Complicated (2002)

Emo or not, you know you sang along to this Avril song. Or at least you’d remember her other notable songs like Sk8er or I’m With You. You can't deny just how Avril brought the spunk out of you, throughout her constant shift of phases from Emo to Punk Princess.


Plain White T’s - Hey There Delilah

Most boys might have sung this song to their crushes back then, it was one of the most memorable romantic tunes of the era. There’s no denying just how throwback worthy this song is. Somehow everyone just knows Delilah, and wonder what’s it like in New York City.


Snoop Dogg - Drop it like it’s hot (2004)

Hip Hop has come a long way to become how it sounds today. It’s rather surprising how Snoop Dogg was the hip-hop icon back then, dropping it like it’s hot into a dance tune everyone just happens to remember.


Beyonce - Crazy in Love (2003)

It’s quite unfair if we left our very own queen B out of the list. This was another hot track of the early 2000’s that everyone was dancing to, and with no surprise at all, it’s still one of our favorites today, especially with the sensual Fifty Shades remake.


Take a stroll down memory lane with these tunes for a happy funky reunion with your old self!

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