Top 15 Emcees in Sabah, Malaysia (2018)

Emcees, also known as Masters of Ceremonies (MC), are essential in any running of events because they serve as front-liners, representing every aspect of events. I'm a master of ceremonies (MC) myself and there's no doubt that we all have people we look up to in our respective fields, industries or specialties.

MC JASON MEMEMeme is translated as "You're all idols!!!"

In this article, I'm introducing my top 15 picks of some of the best emcees currently residing in Sabah, Malaysia, that I simply adore because of their skills in hosting events. The selected list of emcees below are chosen purely according to the emcees' ability to entertain guests, the knowledge they possess, their professionalism, skills and versatility to host a wide variety of types of events (not affected by any form of emotion, relationship, commercial interest or prejudice).

If there is any disagreement regarding the 15 picks below, I would not apologize as this is done according to my personal opinion, therefore, I welcome any kecaman secara langsung just to partially satisfy your dissatisfaction.

P/S: There are still dozens of other emcees in Sabah that are amazingly talented, however, I have yet to meet them.

(The following list is random and not arranged in any particular order)

1. Gedion Hilarius

Gedion Hilarius - EmceePhoto credit to Leslie Isaac Kok (VelviaFotographic)

An entertainer, master of ceremony, artist, educator, stylist, make-up artist, singer and beauty consultant. This man knows how to host an event just right. He recently hosted for the Mister & Miss Crocker Range during The Crocker Range Festival 2017 with conciseness and accuracy making the event flow at its best.

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2. Alfred Allen

Alfred Allen EmceePhoto credit to Mia Kassim (Blogger at

Alfred is an active lifestyle event organiser, blogger, publisher and emcee. He is well-known in Kota Kinabalu for organising lifestyle events with great quality. He has the versatility to host events in English and Mandarin languages fluently. Although he is well-experienced and skilled, he constantly seek improvement and self-development which I respect the most about him.

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3. Raynold Thomas (Bullert)

Raynold Thomas BullertPhoto extracted from Raynold's Facebook.

This man carries a positive aura on stage that can make you scream confidently. He is the vice president of a rising empire known as Vision Sparks International and the founder of The Keeper's Organization. Also known as Bullert, he is a very enthusiastic person when he starts holding the microphone.

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4. Datuk Gan Po Tiau

Gan Po TiauPhoto extracted from Gan Po Tiau's Facebook.

One of the living legends in Kota Kinabalu, Datuk Gan Po Tiau is the most experienced and professional emcee in the state. He has hosted countless events and have shared invaluable knowledge to many generations of emcees in Sabah.

Datuk Gan Po Tiau's Facebook.

5. Benreza Uzair (Ben)

emcee ben uzairPhoto extracted from Ben's Facebook.

Ben Uzair, a jack of all trades, was a former hotelier and has acquired an immense amount of experience from the U.S. He is also a striving entrepreneur as the founder and proprietor of Juara Gym. It doesn't stop there! He is also one of the Youth Ambassadors for the 2050 National Transformation (TN50) and a part time radio announcer on Sabah VFM. He is definitely an emcee you should consider for any event!

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6. Abu Bakar Ellah (Ampal)

ampal emcee

Photo credit to GOGDS Photography extracted from Persatuan Artis Tempatan Sabah (PERTISA)

Another living legend, commonly known as Ampal, Abu Bakar Ellah is a young-at-heart individual despite his age and physical appearance. This enthusiastic man redefines the notion "a fun event". He is an elite award-winning entertainer in the industry who has contributed a lot as an artis, actor, song writer, composer, musician and singer.

7. Sohbierah Ghulabdin (Emcee Obie)

emcee obie
Photo extracted from Obie's Facebook.

A  versatile freelance emcee who is experienced in the broadcasting (TV and radio) field with the ability to host both official (formal) and casual events precisely how you would want it to be. Previously, she was a radio announcer at the famed Suria FM Sabah and a host for various programmes at RTM. She is well-known for her amazing voice-over talent and is a very talented singer. With all those skills, she is now working at GingKaras TV as the Programme Manager.

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8. Farish Aziz

farish aziz emcee
Photo extracted from Farish's Facebook.

Here is another eye-catching talent in Sabah! Currently working as a station manager at KK12FM, Farish is a down-to-earth man that can definitely ensure the smooth running of any event regardless of whether it is a formal event with protocol or casual. He was a radio announcer at Suria FM Sabah. This young man is also a football and travel enthusiast with a great taste in fashion!

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9. Ramli Carlo

ramli carlo emceePhoto extracted from Ramli's Facebook.

Ramli Carlo is one of the best master of ceremonies for official events in Malay language. He was a radio announcer at KKFM and is now the Programme Assistant cum Radio Announcer at VOKfm Sabah partnering with Felix Agus in his segment. He has given an enormous contribution in the entertainment industry as an educator, singer, song writer, artist and actor. He has also shared some of his knowledge on YouTube and through a book on how to master a ceremony.

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10. Amy Dangin (Aunty Patrin)

amy danginPhoto extracted from Amy's Facebook.

Famed for her alter ego, Aunty Patrin on KK12fm, this young lady's personality screams happy-go-lucky! With her positive vibes, she can definitely bring out the good side of any audience! If you haven't seen some of her humorous short videos on social media, you should definitely check them out on KK12fm! P/S: Try not to be surprised of her accents!

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11. Chévie Qiao Wei (Chevie Chin 陈巧唯)

Photo extracted from Chevie's Facebook.

Chevie is one of the young emcees and is well-known within the Chinese community in Sabah. With her educational background for studying Bachelor in Media Studies (TV and Broadcasting), it's no surprise how she could end up being a master of ceremonies!

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12. Samantha Wong (黄仪如)

Photo extracted from Samantha's Facebook.

Samantha is an emcee who is proficient in Mandarin, English, Malay, Hakka and Cantonese. She is also a singer who has been actively involved in emceeing and singing since school time. She has also received numerous awards and has experience in hosting protocol-based events with dignitaries from the Chinese community.

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13. Andrew Lee (AL)

emcee andrewPhoto credit to Kenneth Lai (Photographer at Ken's Photography)

Andrew Lee, also known as "Al" is a freelance master of ceremony and event manager who has been involved in the industry since 1994. He has hosted events for numerous corporations and companies. Rest assured, with his credibility and professionalism, you can count on him to host an event.

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14. Eneycia Doulus (Enn Xaviera)

Photo extracted from Enn's Facebook.

This fabulous human being not only possesses beauty, but brains as well! Founder and proprietor of ENVY, Enn Xaviera was a former radio announcer at KKFM and is now running her own business while still holding up her own vocation as a freelance master of ceremonies.

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15. Ricky Ricardo Lee

Ricky Lee emcee
Photo extracted from Ricky's Facebook.

Ricky is one of the many emcees who is able to converse in multiple languages. A professional emcee and singer that can host your event like a pro. Ricky is also well-known in the Chinese community in Sabah and has been in the industry for a substantial amount of time. He is a very reliable and accountable emcee that should be considered for most formal and corporate events as well as wedding receptions.

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Here ends my list for the Top 15 Emcees in Sabah.

These individuals have inspired me to push myself and learn more as an emcee. Once again, the emcees (currently residing in Sabah) chosen to be in this list is based on my personal opinion of how great they are in hosting events without any prejudice. There are still dozens of other emcees in Sabah that are very talented, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced such as Kim Azizd, Addnan, Keith Lee, Samantha Miles, DJ Othoe, Rey Kimara, Emcee GaryEmcee Jaffar, Emcee Rastwin, DJ Niz, and more, which I would gladly mention in my future articles!


Author: Emcee Jason

About the author

Emcee Jason is a master of ceremonies (MC) based in Sabah who has officially established himself since June 2016. He has experience in hosting both officially formal and casual events inclusive of protocols which makes him versatile and adaptable to any types of events. Enthusiastic and passionate in what he does, he has hosted events in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Sarawak and whole of Sabah despite his new emergence in the industry. He is a hobbyist with other vocations as a journalist, YouTuber, entrepreneur, event manager and motivational speaker apart from being an emcee.

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