Top 10 KPOP Songs to Beat Your Monday Blues!

Oh no! Monday is here! Monday is always a struggle for me because I never want the weekends to ever end. I wish every day is weekend because we do not have to work on the weekend. (Pssh, those who works in weekend, thank you so much for working on the weekend!) To beat this feeling, we need some good music to cheer us up and keep us energize through the week! Here are some KPOP songs to listen when you need that extra boost of energy!

Twice – Cheer Up

We have to start with the new nation girl group! Twice! Their song is the perfect song to jump start your Monday to be a good one!


Twice - Likey

Another Twice song that will brighten up your Monday! Likey! This song was viral on social media a few months ago and everyone was singing to this song. 


Another song that was trending a few months ago and surely will be stuck in your head the whole day! DNA by BTS. This song is the best to pump up some energy into your Monday!

Blackpink - Boombayah

Another song that will get stuck in your head is BOOMBAYAH by BLACKPINK. I bet you, you will be singing boom-ba-yah the whole day after you listen to this song!

Red Velvet - Rookie

A song that is not too cute but sounds extremely cheery to bring some positivity to your Monday! Rookie!! 


Yet another song that is cute and very repetitive to get you out from your Monday Blues! It is very very very! Nomu nomu nomu!

Wanna One - Energetic

After the girl groups, it is only right to give you one of the most love boy group! I remember the first time I listen to this song...It was stuck in my head for over a week because I see everyone dance cover for this song in Instagram!

WINNER – Really really

After all the cheery song, we need some chill song and really really is the perfect song for this! WINNER did good with this song. This song is so addicting and get me moving with the groove.


One of the newest song that just came out when this article is written. EXID - DDD!! The dance and the chorus will surely be stuck in your head! It is also a great wake up song!


Wee wee wee~ Do you know this song? The beat is so addicting and will surely boost your energy to go through your Monday!


These are some of our top pick for TOP 10 KPOP Songs you should listen to beat your Monday Blues! Why worry about Monday when you can have these songs to listen to!

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