Top 10 Sabahan Content Creators You Should Support!

A big number of us will know these names, @JinnyboyTV, @soimjenn, and @harvinthskin. All these thanks to social media platforms! A few years ago, social media platforms were used as our online diary. Most people shared pictures of their daily activities with various over the top filters that were trending back then. Who would have guessed that in a few years social media platforms will become a part of our daily life and it is now creating social media influencers that are as famous as traditional media celebrities.

Do you know there are a few backs at home as well? Here are a few top content creators in Sabah!

Adam Shamil

Adam Shamil became popular when he started a “Get It Right” series on his youtube channel to address various topics about our beloved country Malaysia. His most popular video on Youtube to date is when he addressed the issue on the similarity of Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu Sabah that hit 200k views in just a week. 

Adam is also famous for skits of him bullying his grandmother. Now he is active in various activities from producing videos, being a host for various events, and more! (He is also a singer!)

Elvin Romeo

Another famous Youtubers/content creator from Sabah is Elvin Romeo. You probably saw these videos from him a couple of years ago.

He started gaining popularity from his funny videos in “melayu sabah” which had gained him fans from various states and even from Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia! His popularity skyrocketed when he participated in Petronas advertisement for Malaysia Day in 2019. Since then he had been actively creating content and he also released a song in 2019!


A proud owner of a facebook page which has over 200k likes and he has 99k subscribers on Youtube thanks to his funny yet educational videos. He was a Grab driver when he first started creating comical videos of him communicating with his passengers while driving Grab!

Now he is creating more vlog style videos. He also released videos of him doing covers and his original songs!

Daphne Iking

Okay let’s be real, almost everyone in Sabah would know who she is. She gained her popularity from traditional media from participating in various shows, be it emceeing, hosting, acting, writing scripts and even producing! She is a woman with many talents. She was also a winner of Unduk Ngadau 2003, representing Klang Valley.

Believe it or not, she had been on Youtube for over 11 years. She started creating content 8 years ago about her daily life and she is still creating content to this day! Check out her most popular video on Youtube

Ging Pisang

Like their name said, Ging Pisang is a team of individuals who work together to create and produce content in Malay. You probably know them by the name MrClyrie on Youtube. They are one of the very first Sabahan content creators who started creating videos way back in 2013.

We also have a collaboration with them here! Support local brands!


You probably had seen him in videos with other content creators or maybe you probably watch his videos without even knowing it. This guy right here has 194k subscribers on Youtube channel. He is also a part of Team Bradaa. Or… maybe you had seen this video of his which has over 3 million views.

bighead.datou ( Leslie & Karen)

Okay, something a bit different here! This is a couple content creators who create videos together from short stories, skits, challenges, song covers, and their travels together in Mandarin. They have over 90k likes on their Facebook page and they post their videos mostly on Facebook instead of Youtube. If you are looking for Mandarin content creator, you should totally check out their videos!


Another mandarin content creator! She is well-known with almost 200k subscribers on her Youtube channel and almost 50k followers on her Instagram page. Her videos range from her daily life, her travels and even infoblog! Another mandarin content creator that you should totally check out!

Aidyl Hr

Aidyl Hr has over 120k subscribers on his Youtube channel.He has various videos from producing skits, vlogs to videos of him beatboxing from years back. He had also released his single debut recently!


The last content creator is a gaming YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers but no one is really sure where he is from. If you watch gaming videos, you have probably watched his videos before. Check this video and take a guess if he really is from Sabah?


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