Top 6 Local Brands You Need To Know

Malaysian loves their brands don’t they? Nowadays, everyone on the street will be wearing at least one branded item daily. It is either their shoes or their shirt. If you are in Bangsar, you will surely see 5 out of 10 people there rocking local brand t-shirt or accessory! Do you know that Malaysia is flooded with various local brands that is well-known international and have similar aesthetic to international brand? Here are some brands that you might know and some brands that you need to check out!

Stoned & Co

One of the most famous local brands in Malaysia. They also have their physical store in Bangsar Baru, thus why you will see someone rocking their shirt every once in a while there (or maybe it is just their workers promoting their shirt)

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Pestle & Mortar

Another well-known brand among the youths in Malaysia. Pestle & Mortar has been in the industry since 2010 and they have grown their business from just Malaysia to SEA. This is one of the must have brand if you are a fan of local brand. A lot of people are rocking their newest collaboration with Royal Selangor because it is sick!



Another brand that had been in the industry for a long time. NERDUNIT was founded on 2011 and now it has a lot of shops in various countries. They had collaborated with a number of artists and influencers from Malaysia which made their brand even more famous. Having a shop or two in Japan also helps to make them famous!

Tip Top Bandit

Tip Top Bandit is a local brand from The Land Below The Wind. It was founded on 2015 and now they have a few of their own physical store in Sabah. If you are reading this then I'm guessing you know them!

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Another local brand from The Land Below The Wind. Mylegasi is well-known for their patterned pocket tees. They used to have a physical shop in Megalong but now they are only available online or during events. They even had kurta with patterned pocket tees!

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A new and not as well-known brand from The Land Below The Wind. "Inspired from my love for comic books, heavy metal and horror movies." Quoted from the designer and ownder of Mondo Borneo. His inspiration can be seen clearly from the T-shirts he designed.

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That are some of the local brand that you must have known or you need to check out! Okay la we self-promote a bit in here but you have another 5 brands to check out! Pssh, do not forget to check out our stores as well! We have some new stocks coming up!

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