Top 7 Movies You Might've Missed in 2017

Missed out on movies in 2017? Well who say you cant watch them in 2018?! Here are the movies that you need to watch ASAP! 

Pitch Perfect 3

I honestly just put this because I am one of their fans but I do believe that it is a good movie and you have to watch it before you start on your movies! It is the Bella's final year, like a real final year with us so we have to enjoy it! Besides, you will love Fat Amy here.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The movie with one of the biggest followers over the years. This is the long awaited Star Wars movie! I swear on the screening day, all I see on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are people with their tickets and the cinema hall is fill with light saber or Star Wars cosplayers. I love how much passion Star Wars fans are!



Logan is the long awaited story from the X-Men and this is the final chapter of the Wolverine movie. Those that in love with action and sci-fi movies, this is the one to watch and spend your time analyzing everything.


A movie that had been the talk of town (or the earth) How scared are you with Pennywise the Clown? Does looking at a red balloon scared you now? This movie is certainly the horror movie that become the talk of the year and people from all around the world are actually doing pranks!


The ultimate Pixar movie for 2017. The visual is very pleasing to the eyes and the story line as always touching many hearts. It is also sort of a slapstick comedy that is entertaining to watch for the older and younger audience.


Wonder Woman

Hands down, one of the best movies in 2017! This is the first comic-book movie that had been female-focus and Gal Gadot performance in the movie had brought the movie from just good to extremely good. A must watch to those that have not watch this movie.


Beauty and the Beast

That one fairy tale movie that become a huge issue in Malaysia but anyhow it is still a very good movie to watch. A good mix of a good movie and a good musical for both the adults and the younger audience.



These are the movie lists you need to watch if you have missed out on it in 2017!

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