Totally Affordable Routines For Perfect Skin!

It may be that one of the world’s greatest mystery is the ultimate recipe for porcelain glass skin. Is it really that important, you ask? Try asking the Twitterverse about their “hashtag goals” and long threads about the do’s and don’ts when in front of the mirror.


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The honest truth behind every long thread on twitter and deceiving filter-like pictures on Instagram, is without a doubt - money. You’re going to need to spend on expensive products to get your dream skin, and then let it be a routine shedding more and more cash out from your pocket. But would you really do that? Why go through all the hassle - when the real recipe for healthy skin is in your everyday habits, and almost priceless?

Sometimes it doesn’t take a trip to the drugstore to fix up some medicine for acne scars, surprise pimples and stubborn blackheads. Here are some easy home remedies for happy healthy skin.


  1. Change bedsheets regularly

The chores your mother tells you to do shouldn’t be considered nagging anymore. Your bedsheets need to be changed regularly. Dust trapped in the sheets may transfer onto your skin and cause terrors to your face by the next morning.


  1. Start a clean diet

Sometimes what you eat doesn’t only show on the weighing scale, but on your skin too. Yes, junk food is indeed yummy, but there are bad sides to everything. I hate to break it to you, but 1. too much dairy can clog your pores, 2. sugar may make you look older, and 3. potato chips can age you. Trust me, that’s all you wanna know about bad food for skin.


  1. Don’t pop pimples

I totally understand the satisfaction of popping a pimple, no matter how painful or icky it may be. But you know this well enough; resistance is key.


  1. Give time for skin to heal

We all do wish we could just sleep on our nightmares and wake up feeling like a dream - especially when looking at the mirror. But magic doesn’t always happen overnight, honey. Not for your skin, that is. Stop feeding your skin with so much chemicals, because sometimes too much of a good thing can turn out pretty bad. Always give your skin a breather and don’t put it under so much pressure. It’s trying its best.


  1. Always remove makeup before bed

I know you’re tired after a long day at work, but trust me, removing your makeup before sleeping will make tomorrow so much better. You wouldn’t want to let all that chemical seep into your skin, making it dull, would you?


  1. Get enough sleep

No binge-watching Netflix until late at night. Sleep is important not only for the way you look, but for the way you feel too. Your body needs 7 hours to rejuvenate, so you’ll be able to wake up with a smile on your face - and pimple free!  


With these steps, you wont need to break your wallet to achieve glass skin. Take this as a leverage to not only have pretty skin, but a healthy lifestyle too. After all, beauty is skin deep.

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