Unlimited Internet for Only RM30?

Wait what, did you read that right? You can actually get unlimited internet, for all your apps which include the entire social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Spotify and Youtube for only RM30? This can’t be true right.. Is it really possible in Malaysia, because let’s be real, all the internet subscription here is quite pricy.

But hey, it is actually true! As of July 2018, Umobile just release a new internet subscription plan for their prepaid users! With only RM30, they can have unlimited internet for any apps! Facebook, check. Instagram, check. Twitter, check. Want to watch Youtube videos every day, every minute? Check! You can get all these if you are subscribe to Umobile new Giler Unlimited Prepaid plan.They also have GX50 plan for Postpaid users which also offers unlimited call!

I mean what else is there to say to it? It’s unlimited! Well, there are a few limitation, one of it is you can only use 3gb for hotspot so you can’t tether to your laptop and download all the movies that you want. If you have unlimited internet for your smartphone, will you still open your laptop tho? Just watch everything on your phone la!

This plan also has a speed limit. I believe it is 3mpbs, which is the maximum speed for your plan. It is still quite fast, I’m sure there are other service providers out there with faster speed if you are not a fan of the speed. (I am a fan of the unlimited part so)

Yes this may sound too good to be true, but it’s actually there. Before going crazy and changing your current telco provider to Umobile, do check if Umobile connection is yay or nay in your location as they are known for having a strong mobile reception at some location while..very weak in other locations. You don’t want to have unlimited slow internet right?

I hope with this new internet plan, the other telco provider will get the note and lower their prices as well. There had been news saying the government is looking to make internet cheaper so let’s hope next year we will be able to have cheaper internet plan option!

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