Weird Clouds in Sabah? Here’s what it is!

Did you see these pictures a few days ago? Or were you there to witness this phenomenon in person?

(pictures from World Of Buzz)

Don’t worry! These clouds are not a sign of the end of the world. It is actually a normal phenomenon that had occurred plenty of times in various other countries. It is also not the first time there is any weird clouds formation in Sabah! According to my quick Google research, seems like weird clouds had also happened in 2012 and 2016.


According to New Straits Times (NST), the weird clouds formation in 2016 is known as arcus cloud. They also reported that a brief heavy downpour happened right after the clouds were spotted. The photographs of the weird clouds went viral in 2016.

In 2012, the same clouds, arcus clouds happened in Sabah as well. This cloud supposedly appeared on June 12, 2012, according to Sabahbah. The clouds apparently happened because of Tropical Typhoon Mawar that was heading to the Philippines. The core of the typhoon luckily miss Sabah but it brought arcus clouds that made everyone worried and heavy rains that caused floods in a few areas.

NST also wrote another report about the weird clouds from 10th July 2018 and yes you guessed it! The weird cloud formations that happened on the 10th is also similar to the previous two clouds formations.

The internet sure went crazy for it again but the locals are now used to the weird clouds as it had happened a few times over the past years. If you are a Sabahan and you are denying the occurrence of weird clouds formed over the past years… I would highly recommend you to spend more time outdoors or wake up earlier as the clouds formations seem to always happen from 7 am to 9 am.

Same with the previous incident, the clouds came with a thunderstorm warning and strong wind warning (up to 50kmph) that worries a lot of people as that usually means there could be a possibility of floods in various areas.

Well, guys, the mother nature had sent us a warning! Be careful in the next few days if there is any heavy rain. Hopefully, there won’t be any flash floods anywhere! Don’t ignore the clouds next time you see it!

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