What Happened in Hobbycon 2017??

Are you an anime fans? Or are you a gamer? Or are you a crafty person that loves creating crafts? Well if you are, then I am guessing you already know what Hobbycon is! Especially if you are in Sabah! Hobbycon is ACG event that happened on 9th and 10th of December in Stadium Likas. (Pro tips, if you are looking forward for Hobbycon next year, it will be on the second weekend of December! Always! Same goes with Comic Fiesta in KL, always the third weekend of December!)

This year, Hobbycon invited Franzeska and Ola Aphrodite as their guests.

Yugana was also there for a workshop organized by Hobbycon. I believe Yugana had been a guest for Hobbycon for a few times now.

The event that everyone looks forward in Hobbycon is the All Stars Assemble! I believe that All Stars Assemble is the highlight for Hobbycon Day 1 every year! I myself will always try to come before All Stars Assemble because I do not want to miss it.

There was also performance by Fight Saber! All the Star Wars, were you there to watch it? And did you catch the newest Star Wars movie? I haven’t got the opportunity to do so but tell me was it nice or was it super nice?

Do you know about our very own local KFC? Borenos opens their doors on a few years ago. This year, Borenes opened a booth in Hobbycon and let’s just say, the crowd love it! They sold out yet everyone still wants more. Hobbycon know how much Borenos is love and they organized eating competition this year! Usually it is sushi or spicy burritos eating competition, but this year we have Borenos!

Besides Yugana’s workshop, there was also Naomi & Rei Daiki workshops. This slot is an interesting addition to Hobbycon this year but I sure miss Fuwa Fuwa Maid Café! I hope they will find a way to do the workshop and to have Fuwa Fuwa back again next year!

We cannot forget another guest that return to Hobbycon this year, Abam Apam! He was the invited guest last year and he is back again this year with his own booth instead of being the guest hahaha! Last year I didn’t manage to buy his book because it was sold out so quickly, that’s how much Sabahans enjoy puns. He is not the only guest that is back this year, guess who else!

Another new slot added in Hobbycon this year is HC Super Slam!! Hobbycon had been teasing us with their belt since OMG and now we know what it is for! I have to say this was a very interesting slot and I would love to see it again next year! I think this slot was inspired by Onnies fight session in day 2 from 2016. Dear Hobbycon committee, am I right?

The booths in Hobbycon this year are interesting! I realize there are few booths are selling materials and some machines(?) to help cosplayers to create their dream cosplay into reality! It is so cool to see the ACG community in Sabah growing!

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