What to Do with Your Kids at Home?

Children can never stay still unless they are watching their favourite cartoon and glued to the screen for hours before you can stop them from watching various random videos that may or may not make them love the screen even more. Plus the temper tantrum you have to face to stop them from watching the screen. Now you can’t even drag them out to burn off some of that excess energy as you will be stuck in your house for another two weeks because of the restriction movement order. Here are a few activities you can do with your children during this restriction movement order. It will also help to build a greater relationship between you and your children!

Flour dough!

This is one of the simplest and easiest activities you can do with your children! It also only needs a few ingredients. With just some flour, salt, water (some recipe requires vegetable oil) you now have a cheap inexpensive clay that you can even bake or air dry to ensure your children's masterpiece can be kept for display forever. To make it prettier, you can also mix some food colouring in your dough or even better, get some paint and have a painting session with your children.

Paint with Them!

Another great activity is painting! Get some papers and paint then start painting away with your children. Maybe do a little hand stamp session or cut up some vegetables or fruits to make stamps. You can also play guess what I drew game while painting to make it even more entertaining for your children and you. It will also help your children to practice their general knowledge! If you are worried about getting the paint everywhere, get paints that can easily be wiped off by using some damp cloth!

Bake with Them!

If you have an oven in your kitchen, you should totally bake with your children. This gives them the opportunity to be in the kitchen with them. Baking also helps to build their motor skills as it requires them to mix and stir the flour. You can also help to improve their concentration skills and listening skills while baking! Their eyes and hands coordination skill will also develop better while baking. Plus, you are going to have something to snack on after you are done baking! There are a number of easy and delicious baking recipes that you can do with your children on the internet.

Kids Work Out!

Believe it or not, you can work out with your children at home. There are a few workout videos on youtube that are made especially for parents who want to exercise with their children. There is also some fun work out videos for children that adults can join in. Who says you can’t work out if you are stuck at home with your children! You just have to be a little more creative with how you work out, that is it!

These are some activities you can with your children during the restriction movement order. Most activities require little to no equipment so you can easily choose what you want to do today without the need to prep for the activity!

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